Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Teachers DO deserve a fair wage

There are many parents out there not realizing what is going on behind the scenes or that our teachers have been without a contract since last year. The teachers in the MDUSD are the absolute best and certainly deserve a fair wage. We would all hate to lose our favorite teachers to neighboring districts. The District teacher appreciation event is coming, and there is discussion of that on Andre' Gensurger's blog. I know personally that at the schools my children have attended, Teacher Appreciation Week was one of the most exciting weeks all year. We love our teachers and hope there will be a successful resolution soon!
Teachers, what can parents do to support you during this time?

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  1. Ask your child's teacher what is, and has, been going on in MDUSD for the past few years. Many do not realize how extensive the teacher turnover has been. Many may not realize the deplorable benefits situation a lot of MDUSD's teachers are in. Parents may not know that many teachers are choosing to leave their child's school for other districts out of necessity so that they can make ends meet. Each year, MDUSD must hire an inordinate number of new teachers from a very limited supply- those can afford to work in MDUSD, thus limiting the selection pool for their children's replacement teachers. Many classes do not even start the school year with a teacher in place!

    Parents need to ask themselves what they expect for their children. If they are nothing. If they expect MDUSD to attract and retain high quality teachers they need to CLEARLY communicate this directive to their district board and administration. It is not a priority currently.

    Jen ( a former MDUSD Teacher of over 15 years)