Thursday, April 24, 2008

The coverage is everywhere on this . . .

There is coverage everywhere about the budget mess of MDUSD and the recent quote by our Superintendent that he has ". . . no active role in budget development." Well, all except for any coverage at the Times. The Contra Costa Times reported about the fence at Mt. Diablo High School and talked about the backtracking of some layoffs, but that's all that we could find this week other than in Jackie Burrell's aPARENTly Speaking Blog.

We could however find much coverage about the recent district events in other publications and all over cyberspace, so read up:

Mr. Writer Lives - Northgate Blog to McHenry: its time to go!

MDUSD Blog - Budget, Budget, Budget, Who's in Charge of the Budget?

Mr. Writer Lives: MDUSD Looking for the person responsible for being responsible for the budget

Northgate High School Blog - No Accountability! Then No Confidence! "It is time for the Superintendent to go." - MDUSD Grills Their Superintendent

Clayton Pioneer - Parents Drive MDUSD Changes

aPARENTly Speaking - Mt D Parent Meetings this week KPIX Eye on Blogs: Quote of the Day (April 23)

Halfway to Concord - Who's in Charge of the MDUSD Budget?

Patagonia Finance Mike's Mortgage Minute: Mt. Diablo School District

If you feel that the board majority should be asking tougher questions and for some accountability, tell them:

Email each of the board members directly, or click here for more info: - Linda Mayo - April Treece (President, Mt. Diablo Board of Education) - Dick Allen (Vice President, Mt. Diablo Board of Education)

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  1. Great coverage Cathy! The CC Times education reporter definitely isn't doing her job.