Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"... I don’t have an actual role in budget development.”

Yes, those words were spoken last night at the MDUSD Board Meeting by our MDUSD Superintendent.. the guy in charge... the man at the top. What? If I hadn't heard it with my own ears, I might have thought "no way." But I did hear it, I listened live on KVHS last night. Who are the people that say "let's all just get along?" Can we really? If the Superintendent has no role in the budget, the fiscal oversight of our district, what is his role? I want you to read more about this at the MDUSD BLOG and comment there. is also covering this. This is a biggie folks. If you didn't realize yet we have a problem, it should be clear now. I'm also hopeful that there is an audio file available for this exchange as you will find it as unbelievable as I did.

I sure hope you'll be at the meeting on Saturday with April Treece and Dick Allen. Certainly we need to hear their thoughts. By reading the MDUSD blog, we'll know Paul Strange and Gary Eberhart's thoughts. But is the board majority letting this slide? Are they asking the tough questions? Come Saturday and find out.

Update: Audio now available - for this exchange, check about 90 minutes into the meeting (the budget discussions start at about 1 hour 25 mins in):


  1. The only words I can say are "Wow...unbelievable..."

    Okay, I can say more words than that, but not now. I think the words speak volumes.

  2. It will be very interesting to see what Treece and Allen have to say about this. Somehow I think that they are just going to dismiss this as a mistake McHenry made, no need to hold him accountable. Just like spending millions of dollars on lawyers without board approval was just a mistake, and oversight he wasn't aware of. Give me a break!