Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meeting REMINDER Tuesday 4/29

Certainly this has been an exciting last couple of weeks. I want to thank April Treece and Dick Allen for attending yesterday's meeting at Rocco's. Clearly there are many opinions on the outcome of the meeting, but I was glad they came. I think our district needs to continue this open dialogue with parents, teachers, the community - and I hope they do.

To that end, the next community meeting is coming:

Tuesday, April 29th /7pm at Pine Hollow Middle School

Remember, you can submit questions for these community meetings ahead of time, or you can bring up questions at the meeting. Here is the information I received on submitting your questions:

  1. Parent leaders at the schools
  2. Superintendent Gary McHenry (925-682-8000, x4009;(
  3. Associate Superintendent-Educational Services Alan Young (
  4. Assistant Superintendent-Elementary Education Roger Bylund


  1. Mr Writer asked a good question on his site.

    He asks in BIG LETTERS:
    What will it take for the MDUSD Board of Education to determine what the majority of stakeholders want as far as the future of the Superintendent. What kind of information will convince one side or the other to alter their viewpoint?

    Will anyone ask? Does MDUSD read these boards? Will they put it on the agenda?

  2. Anon 9:48,

    The reason we started the MDUSD Blog was to provide a forum for our parents, teachers, staff and community members to provide us with input. Of course Gary and I read the blogs. I believe the district is beginning to do so as well. I don't think it takes too much to figure out that people are unhappy with the superintendent. One just has to read the blogs, talk to parents, teachers and staff at schools or look to the teachers' vote of no confidence. In fact, I think it is impossible not to see that people are unhappy. I just think that certain members of the board are not going to stop supporting the superintendent under essentially any circumstances. That said, keep the pressure on - come to the meeting tonight and share your position. Email the entire board. AND if you can't get satisfaction, work hard with Gary Eberhart and I to change the board majority in November.

  3. I heard on the radio this morning that the CA budget deficet is closer to $20 billion. I guess you can kiss any new teacher contract with any raises or med bens goodbye. MDUSD can probably expect more pink slips and higher class sizes. With or without Mr. McHenry, MDUSD has to deal with the CA budget problems. Maybe we should put on a car wash fundraiser?

  4. Once we find out the level of support for McHenry, the idea of the parcel tax needs to be started up for the ballot next year. The thing that struck me on Saturday is that always said 'if money becomes available' or 'when money becomes available' ... we'll put that toward teacher benefits. Where do they think its going to come from?? THIS DISTRICT can not afford to lose in a parcel tax bid and if its McHenry that needs to go .. then so be it. We can't do that many car washes or bake sales... We can't do it alone. We need a parcel tax and the word on the street is that its NEVER going to happen with McHenry. TOO MUCH WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE. Majority board... are you listening??? HELLO!!!??!

  5. I was curious if you had the agenda for tonight?

  6. Last week Sue Berg at the Superintedent's office was kind enough to provide the agenda ahead of time. This week, she has not responded to my requests. If she responds this afternoon, I'll post it.

  7. I just heard back from Sue Berg and they don't have an agenda tonight because they didn't have any questions submitted by the community. I find that fascinating on many levels.. what do you all think?

  8. I think just that, no questions were submitted. Sue Berg has always been honest whenever I have dealt with her and I am sure we will know more after tonights meeting. Maybe the parents prefer to submit their questions tonight.

  9. Anon 7:23 You are right Sue Berg has always been wonderful and very straight forward. I didn't mean to imply at all that questions were submitted and not brought forth. I was at the meeting tonight.. went to a little after 9:30.. and a ton of questions were asked.