Friday, April 25, 2008


Don't forget! April Treece (President of the Mt. Diablo Board of Education) and Dick Allen (Vice President of the Mt. Diablo Board of Education) will be present for an informal Q&A / community forum SATURDAY, APRIL 26th starting at 9:30am at Rocco's Pizzeria on Ygnacio Valley Road and Oak Grove Road. They'll be on hand to answer your questions and concerns about our district. Come, bring your honesty, your curiosity and your questions.

Clayton Valley High School Feeder Pattern Community Meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 29th starting at 7pm at Pine Hollow Middle School. You may submit your questions in advance to any of the following:

  1. Parent leaders at the schools
  2. Superintendent Gary McHenry (925-682-8000, x4009;(
  3. Associate Superintendent-Educational Services Alan Young (
  4. Assistant Superintendent-Elementary Education Roger Bylund


  1. Sorry all for being out of the loop the last couple of weeks. I am still planning on moving forward as planned with the petition, but wanted to wait until the meeting with Dick Allen & April Treece. Due to scheduling conflicts, I will not be able to attend, but would love it if someone can update the website on the meeting.

  2. Hi Doris -
    I plan to have a podcast of the meeting - beats typing....

  3. Hi Doris, in addition to Andre's podcast I will be taking notes and will update the site in the afternoon. So check back tomorrow :) I heard some people talking about the board meeting and the meeting tomorrow in the school office today.. they had no idea who I was but I was glad to hear its getting attention amongst teachers and other parents.