Monday, October 27, 2008

The time is NOW! The surge of support is here Tuesday!

For candidate information:
For a parent's "guest editorial" in the Times:
"The Times Got it Half Right . . . "

For a flyer to download and distribute about this event: CLICK HERE

We need 300 people on October 28 for one of TWO shifts:

(2) 150 people from 4-5pm
(3) 150 people from 5-6 pm

We will be covering one of THREE areas:
(1) Corner of Ygnacio and Oak Grove
(2) Corner of Clayton Rd and Treat/Denkinger
(3) Willow Pass across the bridge by El Torito leading to Sun Valley Mall (near Elephant Bar)

Bring a sign or we will have BLANK SIGNS and MARKERS. Just write a message like the ones below and hold them for cars to see. If we LINE UP THIRTY OR FORTY IN A LINE cars take a long time to pass – IT LOOKS IMPRESSIVE, far better than a cluster of people.

If you WANT CHANGE, then please get involved THIS ONE TIME! The time is NOW!


PLEASE COMMIT to one or more of those times.
CONFIRM by emailing with a TIME(S) and LOCATION CHOICE that you will do. If you have friends to join in, please include their name as well. If they do not want to give their name, just tell me HOW MANY and you be their contact.

Download a flyer to distribute, and join your fellow parents, teachers and community members to inform the public now in these final days before the election that the situation is dire and requires their VOTE for Gary and Sherry!

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