Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CCTimes weighs in: Elect Eberhart on November 4th, SAY NO TO TREECE

Have you seen the latest in a loooong line of endorsements for Gary Eberhart?

Of Eberhart they say:

Three of the four candidates, incumbent Gary Eberhart and challengers Jeff Adams and Sherry Whitmarsh, seeking two seats on the board understand that the district is in deep trouble. They point to financial bungling, frustrated teachers, upset parents and a superintendent who may need to be replaced.

Eberhart's criticisms of the district and McHenry are on target. He understands what needs to be done and deserves re-election.

Conversely, of Treece, they say:

Incumbent April Treece seems far more sanguine about the district and its superintendent, saying schools are making academic progress and that McHenry has been held accountable. We strongly disagree.

Treece's overly bright assessment of the district and unwillingness to hold its superintendent fully accountable are reasons enough for voters to replace her.

So, just say NO to Treece on November 4th!

Read the whole article here: Contra Costa Times Endorses Gary Eberhart


  1. Why don't you mention that the article from the CCtimes you link to actually recommends Adams over Whitmarsh?

    Did you read it? It states Eberhart and Adams are the best candidates for MDUSD.

  2. its probably because the author assumed you could read when you clicked over to the article. The candidates don't always get the same endorsements. Since the Times obviously doesn't do a lot of research prior to their picks it doesn't much matter. I guess an mba and law degree was more important than actual district and school knowledge. Adams is the wrong pick clearly.

  3. No, your bias is obviously showing.

    Your headline should read:
    "CCTimes weighs in: Elect Eberhart and Adams on November 4th, SAY NO TO TREECE"

    Or you could just selectively "report" the news if you'd like, but your credibility dips even further. This is not an MDUSD parents blog, this is an Eberhart/Whitmarsh blog, why do you not want to call it what it is?

  4. No, this is a MDUSD Parents blog. MDUSD Parents know that Whitmarsh and Eberhart are the only solution to the problem. MDUSD Parents know that Adams may spoil the election and elect Treece, but that he can't really win. MDUSD Parents know that we have to work harder now to elect Eberhart and Whitmarsh because the CCTimes is totally out of touch with what is happening in MDUSD. MDUSD Parents know that if Adams really wanted change, he would have stayed out of the race. MDUSD Parents know that the board majority has endorsed Adams and that if elected he will join them in supporting the status quo. MDUSD parents know that you are the same anon who is posting on all of the blogs and that you are probably related to or associated with Adams.

  5. "because the CCTimes is totally out of touch with what is happening in MDUSD."

    Haha, c'mon. You can't have it both ways. Either the CCTimes endorsement of Eberhart is something your proud of and want to publicize, or the CCTimes is "totally out of touch" and whoever they endorse is worthless.

    You can't have it both ways.

    BTW, I am and MDUSD Parent, and your blog does not necessarily speak for me. Don't use such a broad brush, it discounts your position.

  6. I do not run this blog, but I will say that I can have it both ways. Anyone, even those who are out of touch with MDUSD, can see that Gary Eberhart is right and April Treece is wrong. It was a no-brainer to support Gary and the CCTimes criticism of April Treece was right on point. They are out of touch in that by endorsing Adams over Whitmarsh they have bolstered Treece, the one they clearly think is the worst. So say what you want, but they are truly out of touch. Remember, voting for Adams is voting for Treece.

  7. CC Times is wrong. They did not interview the candidates. They don't mention Adams corportation is the largest union busting firm in the state. They don't mention how he has changed his position continually throughout this race. And they don't mention that he is endorsed by the board majority. Sherry and Gary are endorsed by all of the employee groups in MDUSD.
    This is a parent blog run by a parent on her own. She has determined Eberhart/Whitmarsh are the best candidates through multiple meetings that she organized last year. Adams wouldn't even respond to requests to participate in the mdusdelect blog because he can't answer questions in a straight forward manner. If you don't like what is said on this blog start your own. I know that the thoughts of the blog owner on this site are in line with every parent at the school my kids go to and I'm thankful she's taking the time to do this.

  8. The "job" of this blog is NOT to report the news as Anon 12:20 has insinuated. The purpose of this blog is to give parents a place to provide input, to get information and to read about the issues. In case you didn't know, this blog was in existence before the election, so its not an Eberhart/Whitmarsh blog. It is a blog for parents, by parents. I'm not the only one who has contributed. BUT, every single parent I've discussed this election with supports Eberhart and Whitmarsh - so yes, the conversation flows in that direction. If you have some meat behind your apparant support of Adams, then spill it. SO far, I still don't hear any compelling argument that he is the right person. And the reason is that he isn't. Yes, he may have an MBA and a Law Degree. So what? Really, who cares. I find interesting to note that he had to be introduced at a PFC meeting at his own child's school. I find it interesting that he has NOT been involved in areas that parents can be involved in. He has not (until recently) been to Superintendent PAC meetings, he has not been on the Budget Advisory Committee. He has not served on the PFC. People at his school have said they rarely see him, or his wife. The teachers at his school don't support him. The teachers as a whole don't support him. The district employees don't support him. The fact that he's endorsed though by the 3 members of this current board gives him even less credibility. Do we really want more of the same? Would the board majority support him if he promised the same change Eberhart and Whitmarsh has? Nope, I don't think so. Then logically they are endorsing him to keep the status quo. I might be wrong. So bash me. But its my opinion. You're welcome to yours. But give us some substance. Please.

  9. Never understood why some people think a blog is supposed to be reporting the news. Its like that professor in school that reads to you out of the book. We can read. Blogs are a collection of opinion and viewpoints. Agree or not, but its not to "accurately" report the news. So I say whatever spin or excerpts someone wants to feature is fine. If you have a different opinion. Post it. Or, start your own blog.

  10. While the Times may have endorsed Adams with Eberhart, we will just have to disagree. Clearly, with contradictory statements by Adams at the debates, which Paul Strange had to supply an older audio recording to prove, Mr. Adams demonstrated that he is not skilled enough to tackle the role to provide radical change to MDUSD. This coupled with his endorsement by Dick Allen and Linda Mayo hardly bode for ANY change happening at all. In fact, if Treece were to get elected with him, they would have one big happy useless family load of fun on that board.