Monday, October 20, 2008

No freedom of speech in the MDUSD

Contra Costa Times has uncovered yet another issue within the MDUSD . Teachers are not allowed to express their political views even off the clock!

Check out the article:

And, get this , yet another thing that the San Ramon Valley School District does better:

The San Ramon Valley school district, also governed by the Education Code, does not restrict teachers the same way Mt. Diablo does.

"When it comes to bumper stickers and buttons and things like that," said San Ramon district spokesman Terry Koehne, "it's our belief that it's their right to free speech
. "

So what is wrong with MDUSD? Do they really thinks kids will be disturbed by a button on a teacher's lapel?

Click on the article to go direct to the Times.


  1. So the district attacks teachers for wearing Eberhart/Whitmarsh buttons off duty during a school carnival??? Is telling them what they can and cannot put in their cars??? What a double standard. Can they have an Obama bumper sticker on their car? How come principals can endorse a PTA meetings????

  2. Talk about double standards. The district wishes to restrict teachers' right to voice opinions and yet school administrators (such as the Mtn. View Principal) are allowed to endorse school board candidates at PFC meetings. What's wrong with that picture?