Saturday, October 4, 2008

Parents don't let Parents Vote Treece . . .

Here is a letter I've received from a couple of sources. It is exciting that it's coming from a couple of sources as it means it is making it's rounds around to district families and community members. So cut and paste, add your own words, link to an article on the blogs, but pass it along.

Like a chain letter, something bad may happen if you don't help spread the word. That something BAD is that April Treece may get re-elected. Don't let that happen for the district, more importantly, don't let it happen for the kids! If you want a sign in your yard - let them know! If you want to help in anyway, let them know! It takes a large effort to defeat an incumbant. I know I am seeing Eberhart and Whitmarsh signs popping up all over town. Let's get the word out.

If you have facebook you can join this growing local cause there too: FACEBOOK CAUSE TO ELECT EBERHART AND WHITMARSH

-----------------------------Ok, letter starts here ------------------------------
Gary Eberhart and Sherry Whitmarsh are my two choices for MDUSD School Board. Together, Eberhart and Whitmarsh are The Right Team For Students.

Gary has served for over thirteen years as a MDUSD Board Member and he has never missed a meeting. His children attend Mt. Diablo Schools and he is greatly concerned about the direction our school district is heading. Gary has often been the lone voice seeking fundamental change, while demanding accountability and fiscal common sense. Gary asks tough questions and demands answers. This is the kind of board member I want serving our students.

Sherry has been involved in Mt. Diablo schools for the past 9 years. She has two daughters attending school in our district and has served as a member of the school site council at Bancroft Elementary. She is a member of the districts budget advisory committee and the Parent Advisory Committee. She is also currently on the PTSA board at both Oak Grove Middle School and Ygnacio Valley High School.

Both Gary and Sherry recognize the employee contracts need to be settled, teachers must have medical benefits, employee morale must improve and the board MUST hold the Superintendent accountable for mismanagement, under budgeting, and spending millions of dollars without board approval. They both support long range strategic planning, a safe learning environment, and new strategies to improve student learning.

The current board majority, April Treece, Dick Allen, and Linda Mayo have paralyzed the board by continually supporting the Superintendent without question. In fact, in a Contra Costa Times Article, “Mt. Diablo Schools in IRS sights” on September 30, 2008, April Treece is quoted as saying to a response of why the District owes unpaid tax penalties totaling $833,000.00, “This was something that came up in late 2006, early 2007, so that requires us to, I think, not overreact.” This is just the latest incident in which the board majority refuses to question the Superintendent or hold him accountable for his actions. Ms. Treece is running again for the school board as an incumbent. If you don’t want the same board majority blindly supporting the Superintendent, vote for Gary and Sherry.

Gary and Sherry Are The Right Team For Students. A vote for Gary and Sherry is a vote in support of finally having a UNIFIED Mt. Diablo District. Please visit to read about some of the issues Mt. Diablo is facing and visit (site coming live this weekend) to learn more about Gary and Sherry. If you would like a lawn sign please send an email to

Thank You,


  1. Im votting for Treece

  2. I'm not surprised - you misspelled two words. No matter how many times we prove that it is wrong, people still drive drunk (mirroring the title). April Treece has demonstrated her complete inability to really do anything. She engages in double-speak and cannot even imagine how much better our district can be. Based on your short sentence and lack of punctuation, I assume you are new to the computer - have you even looked at or Do you know she has misrepresented her intentions on several occasions? I strongly recommend that you watch the televised forum - it is on the site. Have fun votting, whatever that is . . .

  3. I am voting for Whitmarsh and Adams. After watching the last forum with all 4 candidates I changed my mind on Eberhart, he is to negative and attacking. This is being discussed among parents, they want to hear visions, idea's for change and we are aware of the district errors. But to much political slamming loses votes. Time for change.

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  5. I'm glad you're voting for Whitmarsh. Even the teachers at Jeff Adam's own home school do not support him from what I can tell. Why would you? Because he has the experience? His finger on the pulse? He's not even an involved parent. And, he has no chance to win so you're throwing your vote away. We have to save our schools - and it will take this election. Enough of April Treece. To be facing the types of fiscal problems we are, and to have the President of the Board of Education say let's not grade the Superintendent? In the midst of this turmoil, crisis and missteps? She's got to be kidding. Enough is enough. We need real change and we must vote for the only candidates with the experience and the guts to ask the questions and get this "house in order."

  6. I just watched the forum again and I stand by my votes for Whitmarsh and Adams. I am not throwing away my vote, I am making an informed decision on what I hear, read and see. That is not to say that I will not change my mind over the next couple of weeks.

    How do we know that Mr. Adams is not an involved parent? He is working to support his 6 children, that is involved. Not all parents are available to volunteer at their children's schools, that does not mean they don't understand and see what is happenning in their school district. I will not base my vote on that alone. I liked what Mr. Adams had to say, and I liked what Ms. Whitmarsh had to say. So I am voting for him and Whitmarsh at this time.

  7. I am glad you are keeping your mind open between Adams and Eberhart. Adams does not have any new ideas. He is merely repeating the issues that Paul Strange and Gary Eberhart have pushed for over the last two years. Gary Eberhart has a track record of actually doing this, Adams is just giving it lip service. Also, there is a major difference between Adams and Eberhart - Eberhart tells you the truth about facts and what he thinks, regardless of whether or not you are in agreement with him. He does not color the facts just to get your support. Adams, on the other hand, appears willing to say anything. In the past he has specifically stated that he supports abstinence only education in schools (and he is currently confirming that position in private conversations), but when asked about it in a forum in Walnut Creek, he claimed that the ed code requires contraception to be taught and that he would "follow the law." He has also done the same thing on labor issues. He specifically attacked project labor agreements in Walnut Creek and then published a written statement that says that he will honor all existing agreements. He is trying to curry favor with everyone. Don't let him fool you.

    In addition, you might want to check out the mdusd blog general comments. Adams showed up at a pfc meeting last night and campaigned. This is a violation of the law and the pfc runs the risk of losing their non-profit status. If this is reported to the IRS, the pfc may have to pay taxes on every dollar they have raised over a three year period.

    His willingness to put the pfc at risk just to get votes shows he is irresponsible. He is a lawyer, he certainly knows better.

    He is really here just to split the vote and elect April Treece. Adams is endorsed by Dick Allen, who is April Treece's closest ally on the board. Electing Adams and not Eberhart equals the status quo. If you want change, you have to vote for both Eberhart and Whitmarsh.

  8. Eberhart does have ideas - he is pushing for real reform including true collaboration with teachers, real strategic planning and closing contracts. Electing Eberhart and Whitmarsh is the only way these things get done. Adams does not have an original idea, so how is he giving you a vision? Political slamming is what is needed. You know of the problems, but most residents don't. How can Eberhart get the message out if he does not let people know there is a problem, and there is a problem. Eberhart is a hero for being willing to say what he thinks, for fighting for children and for stepping out and taking a lead in fixing these problems. I think whatever pain you are feeling is called CHANGE. Don't be afraid of it, embrace it.

  9. During the candidates' forum, April Treece stated that the petition to withdraw the schools in Walnut Creek from MDUSD was signed by parents in the Walnut Creek School District, not those at the schools in question. This is only one more example of her propensity for what is either total ignorance or outright dishonesty. She dismissed the concerns and belittled the efforts of parents when she suggested that they should get involved in their schools, volunteer, and work with the system to resolve problems... The parents that initiated the petition and those that signed it are involved; volunteerism and support at these schools is phenomenal. Instead of holding the superintendent accountible for anything, she chooses to point the finger at parents and suggest they need to work with the schools to change things there...?! Well, at least she acknowledged the need for change -- and change begins with voting Gary & Sherry in November...
    If Jeff Adams were a serious candidate, he would put himself out there to actually speak with community members and respond to questions and Gary Eberhart always has. There is nothing in Adam's approach to this campaign that suggests he has an original thought or the level of committed involvement and drive to take on the significant challenges this district faces. Furthermore, there are PLENTY of working parents who still find time to get involved and ways to volunteer, both during and beyond the hours of a school day. Adams never has, while Sherry ALWAYS has... Gary & Sherry all the way.

  10. 8:33, Can you blame Eberhart for speaking about the problems in the district. He isn't being negative, he's speaking to the true problems that no one else want to speak about. He has every reason to attack those that are not doing their job. It make me respect him even more. You need to watch the debate when it is posted from last night. Everything Adam's states are ideas that have come directly out of Gary's mouth. He is a union busting attorney. He said it last night, he owns a firm that represents managment. Adams vision that he talks about is ridiculous because legally many of the things he talks about can't even happen in a school district. The teachers are supporting Eberhart and Whitmarsh because they have a clear vision for the district and are not mimicing what other people are saying after they've said it. In order for change to happen the board and district need Eberhart's experience. To say what he is saying is negative is not true. You have to look at the other way. He's bringing up things about the district that are negative and part of that surrounds April Treece and the board majority. If Gary didn't bring these "negative" things up no one would. Your making a mistake in giving your vote to Adams. He doesn't have a vision of his own, and what few things he has said legally can't happen.

  11. I just got home from picking up kids and a field trip to the pumpkin patch and I'm reading the blogs. This thread sure became active in the last few days. 9:14, I would ask you to consider giving Gary a phone call or send him an email discussing your concerns about him before you vote. You can get his contact information at You also might want to check out he has an excellent re-cap of last nights debate, which will be available for viewing soon. I look forward to Mister Writer's sound bites of the candidates saying one thing at one debate and another thing at the next. I also appreciate the people who have tried to clear up the "negativity" comment. It just isn't true and hopefully the anonymous voter will take advantage of the fact that Gary will openly talk with anyone about the school district or the election.

  12. Mr. Writer is not a neutral party, therefore I no longer read his blog. Many parents and voters want neutral, unbiased information. We do talk as concerned parents and residents within the MDUSD community.

    The blogs are questionable too and raises concerns among the community and parents.

  13. Anon 9:24,

    Mr. Writer does not pretend to be neutral. The fact that someone has an opinion is certainly not a reason to avoid them. Mr. Writer may have an opinion, but his opinion is based on the facts. He spent eight years teaching in MDUSD and knows the problems first hand. Why would you not read his blog? Just because it is not neutral? It certainly has lots of information. Do you listen to what Mrs. Treece says (not that she really says much)? She is certainly not neutral. I would be very careful about talking among the parents and community, you might accidentally be exposed to an opinion!

  14. Anon 10:34 beat me to it. I don't think there is a problem with an opinion. On our site we certainly provide our position, but we absolutely back it up with facts. If you have any questions about those facts, we will answer them. There is nothing wrong with stating one's position. In fact, the opposite is exactly what is wrong with April Treece and the board majority. They don't make their position known and they don't answer questions directly.

    From my perspective, it is very hard to understand how anyone can possibly support April Treece. I have not met a single person who can defend her actions in a discussion.

    I would encourage you to read the blog, watch the forums that we have posted there and contact me, Gary or Sherry if you have any questions. We are more than willing to discuss the facts and I think you will find that if you talk to Mrs. Treece and then talk to us, the truth will be very apparent to you. My phone number is 270-0857 - feel free to call.

  15. How can one remain neutral once the facts are obtained? It is clear we are headed for disaster on this MDUSD railroad. Let's get it fixed on November 4!!! I just voted with my absentee ballot. One vote for Gary and one vote for Sherry! YEA!!!