Friday, October 17, 2008

Expect a call from McHenry?

I found today's letter in the Times very interesting. Perhaps McHenry should spend his valuable time figuring out how to fix the mess vs trying to defend the mess to people who write about it. I guess we see from this letter indicating she received a call in response to her letter in 2006 that things have gone from bad to worse. Would you be surprised if McHenry called you?

Letter to the Editor
Article Launched: 10/17/2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
School board picks
On a Friday in June of 2006, my letter to the editor stated that the superintendent of the Mt. Diablo Unified School District was incompetent.
I received a call from Superintendant Gary McHenry early Saturday morning instructing me to check my facts. I had my facts straight then, and I have them straight now.
Millions of dollars in legal fees spent without board approval, numerous payroll errors, a lack of department oversight, huge penalties payable to the IRS, highly qualified teachers leaving the district, top-down mandates with no employee input or collaboration, and unsuccessful contract negotiations with employees are but a few parts of McHenry's legacy.
"I think there is a tremendous amount of trust between the district and teachers," stated April Treece at the Pleasant Hill Forum for MDUSD candidates. Is she in La La Land? She continues to assert she has held the superintendent accountable for his ineffective management of the district. Who is she trying to fool, the trusting electorate of La La Land?
I am weary of absurd excuses and inane double-speak. Join me and vote for Sherry Whitmarsh and Gary Eberhart. We need MDUSD Board members who are not afraid of hurting McHenry's feelings.
Marilyn Hoffacker

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