Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Success! Supporters flood to the streets for Gary and Sherry!

Being at Ygnacio and Oak Grove was exciting today! We had an endless stream of teachers, parents, kids and community! We had people stopping to talk, cars honking and lots of hollering support out their windows (or convertibles!) We even had guest appearances by Board Members Paul Strange, Gary Eberhart and candidate, Sherry Whitmarsh.

Personally, I've never seen such a show of support for school board candidates -ever. It shows how important we all know this election is!

Signs we saw included:

Save our Schools!
Save our Teachers!
Save our District!
Elect Gary and Sherry!
Gary and Sherry for Change!
Honk for Change!
No more IRS FINES!

We even had some signs written in spanish - Por Favor!

It was impossible to get a photo of the huge line of people stretching more than a couple of blocks and on each corner of Oak Grove and Ygnacio - but it was impressive!

Hope you were there and remember to VOTE on November 4th for Gary and Sherry!


  1. Thank you Cathy! It was a great turnout and a good time for all.

  2. That was from me, Michelle Eberhart, my name didn't show up.

  3. Great work Cathy! I was also impressed by the long, uninterrupted horn honking that seemed to make conversation difficult!

  4. It was great to see so many people supporting these two.