Friday, September 12, 2008

MDEA got it wrong? April Treece a "successful" board member

So MDEA has it wrong - so says Judy Moon of Clayton in her commentary published tonight on You can see it HERE.

Ms. Moon explains:
"In the November election for the Mt. Diablo Unified School District Board of Education, MDEA has chosen not to endorse April Treece, a longtime and successful board member. Based on her personal record and performance, their choice is not in the best interest of students or the school district. "

"We all deserve to have ethical support possible by individuals willing to stand for what is wrong, willing to risk for what is right and openly demanding a standard of integrity from those who speak for us."

Stand for what is wrong? Maybe that is what IS wrong.

Just as Ms. Moon suggests, I too challenge you to research Ms. Treece's record and base your choice on what she has done. (or not)

I will do just that . . . and I would urge a vote in November for Gary Eberhart and Sherry Whitmarsh to drive this district forward - in the right direction. To stand up for what is RIGHT. See their campaign statements here:


  1. no way is april treece getting my vote. no way.

  2. Well at least we have finally seen the ONE person who appears to support April Treece. Though I'm not sure this commentary really did any favors to Ms Treece.

  3. When I see people say that Treece supports Industry partnerships to build support and broad opportunities for all students in CCC, I have to stop them and point out. That is her job! Her paid position. She does that for a living. Will that stop when she's hopefully not elected? What's more important is to look at how she votes at board meetings research that. Get the minutes of the past five years from board meetings. That will be enough to tell you she needs to go. Another FYI Gary Eberhart was originally the one who was the lead board member for Career Integrated Academics. He pushed for this for years. Then Treece got a job with the Contra Costa Economic Partnership and suddenly she became a CIA advocate. Give me a break!

  4. ASB 672 and 681 would have added to 2 additional graduation requirements to our already bogged down high school students. Those requirements would have been 2 years of technical/vocational training in order to graduate. Our students are already bogged down with graduation requirements and adding to it would NOT have been good for our students. Nor would it have been good (financially) for our education system. Requiring more programs requires more money. Plus, our schools already have voc ed programs in the form of ROP. That's not to say that students wouldn't benefit from having more options--they need more options. Just not in the form of requirements.

    Moon left out the best part in her commentary. The reason that MDEA did not endorse April Treece is because Ms. Treece's vision of the district is different than MDEA's vision. While April feels that our students are being served, MDEA feels that our students are not being served. When MDEA screamed that it's not good for our students when great teachers are leaving, Treece said there was no money in the budget. When over 95% of teachers voted No Confidence in the Superintendent, Gary McHenry, Treece continued to support McHenry.

    A school district is not just about the students. A school district is also about the teachers. Besides the fact that happy teachers make happy students, teachers are members of community, vote in the community, have children in the community, pay taxes in the community, spend money in the community, etc. So when a Board Member does not listen and heed the majority of teachers in the district, that Board Member is not doing their elected job.

    Vote Sherry and Gary for School Board in November!

  5. Judy Moon is entitled to her opinion. She is wrong, but she is entitled to her opinion. Treece needs to go. We need fresh views.


  6. I agree with Mister Writer we need fresh views and Eberhart and Whitmarsh provide those. I think electing Adams would be mistake and Treece needs to go.

  7. Ms Moon,

    Your opinion is your opinion, but, teachers in Clayton do no support April Treece. I am a teacher who lives in Clayton and I do not need MDEA to tell me Ms. Treece has been a do nothing for our community. I love it when people say she has done so much in the business community. What has she done for elementary schools, specifically Mt Diablo Elementary?