Thursday, September 25, 2008

MDUSD: Can it get much worse!?!

Well I'm afraid it probably can, and it seems everytime we turn around it does! Did you see the latest? Our district has been fined over $830,000 by the IRS!? How does that happen without anyone knowing? It seems obvious Superintendent Gary McHenry had no intention of bringing it up to the board. It was only after one board member noticed the line item entry on a spreadsheet and inquired, that the truth came out.

This penalty in excess of $800,000 is enough to employ 15 teachers for a year. Can we, as parents and stakeholders in this district, NOT demand change NOW!? This is a huge mistake in the midst of contract disputes and budget crisis. What will we find next? Oh and why did April Treece not ask any tough questions? She has to GO in November. We can't afford her incompetence any longer. How can we have an elected official NOT be outraged at this mistake? Oh, and you know what's even worse? It is not the first mistake of this kind!

NO! NO! NO! on April Treece in November!
YES! YES! YES! on Whitmarsh and Eberhart (Sherry and Gary).

Read more at at Mr. Writer's site:

and for MDUSD Trustee Gary Eberhart's take:

Please join me in voting for Gary Eberhart and Sherry Whitmarsh for MDUSD School Board in November. We can't afford it any other way!

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