Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WCSTN: the last stand

The day is here... what Walnut Creek's Ruth Carver calls "The Most Important Event of the Year." Today is the day the County Board of Education will hear the proposal related to the transfer of MDUSD's Walnut Creek school to Acalanes and Walnut Creek School Districts.

All three school boards involved including MDUSD, Acalanes and WCSD, have all said NO. There appear to be several major difficulties with making this proposal a reality. Not least of which is MONEY, but includes other factors such as climate, staffing, class sizes, textbooks, course offerings, teacher salaries, facilities and more.

The meeting begins at 4pm TODAY (Weds , September 10th) at the Acalanes High School Performing Arts Center at 1212 Pleasant Hill Road, Lafayette.

You can read the agenda by clicking over to the site and reading about this meeting and a link to the agenda here: Walnut Creek Transfer Hearing Tonight

Will you be there? I'm hoping someone will be available to report back so one of the bloggers can post live updates . Some of us have back to school night tonight :)

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