Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Acalanes ALSO opposes boundary change petition

As reported last night, the Acalanes school board met tonight. And as expected, they too, officially declared their opposition to the Walnut Creek school boundary change which would've handed them Northgate High school.

From the CCTimes article tonight:

A proposal to redraw school district boundaries in Walnut Creek will have its first hearing next week, but all three districts that would be involved agree: They oppose the plan.

The Acalanes high school district voted unanimously Wednesday night to oppose the proposal, as the Walnut Creek School District did earlier Tuesday and the Mt. Diablo Unified School District did in January.

"We do not see this proposal as a way to get quality education for all students," Superintendent Jim Negri said. "It is not advantageous for the district. It is not cost-effective for the district."

See more of the article:


  1. ruthie says it doesn't matter what the districts want, but do any of you want to be part of a district (or districts) that don't want you? I don't!

  2. Wow... that seems pretty arrogant to try to force a change that NONE of the school districts actually want. Hopefully Dr. Ovick will deny this petition.