Monday, September 29, 2008

Treece says let's not "overreact"

Hard not to overreact when the district is now facing IRS fines of over 3/4 of a million dollars ($833,000). Hard not to overreact when, per April Treece's own admission, these are from past years. So who's been watching the store? Certainly we'll need to see when the district found out about this fine, but the problem is, its not the first IRS fine! How is our district being managed appropriately if we're getting fines from the IRS?

The Times released a new story tonight about the IRS fine. As has been usual in recent years, it is Gary Eberhart who brought up concerns:

Eberhart said Monday that McHenry gave the board information showing the district paid three penalties totaling about $105,452 between December 2006 and June 25, 2007.

"So, somehow, this has been happening over and over again," Eberhart said. "The board of education has never approved any of these payments to my knowledge."

So if I read this right, that is 833k plus 105k+. Almost 1 million dollars in IRS fees in the last 2 years? Awe inspiring isn't it? Oh, but let's not overreact . . .


  1. What a moron. She is my topic du jour at . I wonder if I will get a phone call threatening me with legal action?

  2. Ahhh misterwriter, you wouldn't want to overreact would you? :) If ever there was a time for OVERreaction, I think it would be about now...

    Can't wait for the PAC meeting on Weds, want to hear first hand :)

  3. It gets better with Jackie Burrell...check it out

  4. Don't I have the right to be upset that money in this district is being mismanaged by not paying (or underpaying) our payroll taxes on time?????!!!!! And now my daughter, my students, and my colleagues are going to have to pay for that snafu?

    McHenry even admits in his e-mail that was sent out today that some of the penalties are legit.

    Can April give me one good reason why I SHOULD NOT react? Because really, that's what she's talking about when she says "don't overreact".

  5. OK. Let's not overreact, but let's react. Please. I will react with my vote for Sherry Whitmarsh.

  6. 9:36 and make sure your other vote goes to Gary Eberhart we needs his experience. He is the one that is able to find things such as the IRS penalty that they were trying to slip by, he analyzes things and ask qeustions. I heard Jeff Adams speak last week his plans for this district are not plans that will realistically work, and he doesn't have the kind of knowledge necessary to really ge the changes going we need.
    Gary and Sherry on November 4th!