Friday, May 16, 2008

MDUSD releases new Negotiation News

There have been some new developments in the MDUSD/MDEA mediation process. For those new to the blogs and what is going on in our district, these are the negotiations between our district (MDUSD) and our Teachers (MDEA).

You can also see negotiation news at the district website - click HERE.

From the District Negotiation News today:

"Bargaining teams for the Mt. Diablo Education Association (MDEA) and the District met on May 16 in their continued effort to reach a settlement in the current contract negotiations."

The headlines were as follows:


  1. Oh wow. Get a load of that last bit... strike after summer? Who's working thru the summer to be sure this doesn't happen? Anyone? So, two more mediation sessions and then fact finding... sure isn't sounding good is it?

  2. Do you really think MDEA can get enough teachers to go on strike during a financially devoid period with virtually no hope of securing funding commitments? Even without the budget cuts, getting enough teachers to sign onto that one would be....well...miraculous!

    It seems like it would make more sense to start negotiating tangibles that can be achieved along with commitments for the future when funding is there.

  3. As a teacher in the district, I am more and more frustrated with the level of disrespect shown to teachers. During the last bargaining session, the district offered, once again, only a summer school raise.. a rate raise that affects only a small number of teachers. The district bargaining team did this with the knowledge that MDEA had already voted against this temporary rate raise, and that MDEA would have to reject it once again. This, after (seemingly) good news about budget reductions last week. When will the district realize that they need to make some small effort to at least appear to care about teachers? I don't know that they ever will without a strike. It's such a shame.

  4. Anon 9:40,

    Please don't read too much into the fact that there has been no change after the Governor's budget changes. The district does not yet have the financial information available to make any decisions with regard to the changes in the budget.

    MDEA is fully aware that we can't include the May revise in any calculations until California School Services analyzes the budget and provides direction to the district (CSS's workshop is today). Anyone who asked me prior to Friday's mediation was told that there was no way the May revise could be included in any proposal whatsoever for Friday. Also note that we met in closed session last on Tuesday, the day before the May revise. There could be no reasonable expectation that the May revise information would be
    included in any discussions on Friday.