Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting Signatures ?

Posted per request:
"If you are a parent working to get signatures, where will you be? Post here if you like and let people know where they can sign a petition. Also, are you interested in helping to get signatures at other school sites? Or getting signatures off campus at off hour events? Some teachers have said they want to help get signatures, but not at their own school sites, so email the coordinators, and they'll help you find area events to attend.
Email: and let them know where you'll be and the online blogs can help get the word out to get as many signatures as possible.

P.S. If your school has an event coming up and you'd like to see an off campus petition effort there, email the above email address."

1 comment:

  1. Is anyone interested in setting up signings at our local parks simultaneously? We can do a.m. signings and p.m. signings over a couple of day. If so, please post so that we can coordinate who's doing what park and decide on dates.