Friday, May 16, 2008

Local Schools having some fun!

For Friday, we thought we'd highlight some of the great things going on around us... in hopes that it will spur you to action... to keep the good things happening. The assembly today at Woodside Elementary was something many kids have never seen before, and maybe will never see again. This came from a reader of the blog, and if you have good things happening in your school, please send it in for the next Friday feature:


Full armour, full contact jousting ON HORSEBACK! Yes, horses on the field! 3 of them in fact. The Knights of Avalon came to Woodside as the featured guest performers at a celebratory assembly honoring the students' efforts in their recent spell-a-thon fundraiser. They showed off some amazing riding skills and featured some medieval games on horseback. They are also performing this weekend in Livermore at the Scottish Games and perform at the Renaissance Faire in Gilroy.

Absolutely amazing, and one of the great things about the schools in our district. The PFC came together to pull this assembly off, the parents and students worked hard and the site administration supported it - everyone had a fabulous time together today.

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