Friday, May 9, 2008

Breaking News: PETITION now online

I was just sent the link for the petition to oust Supertintendent McHenry, it is now ONLINE:

Check it out. It looks like it keeps all the personal information entered private and not on the internet, so I guess folks should feel safe to sign and pass the link around.

If you're out getting written signatures, feel free to post any stories here.


  1. Everyone should sign. It's quick and they don't give out personal information. I support change and getting rid of McHenry is the way to begin the change.

  2. Talked to parents on a field trip today and several followed me back to my car to sign the petition. Most people feel that its a good way to give a firm message ... if you read the paper today about the John Swett Supt.. they pretty much kept it quiet and are keeping it as amicable as possible. I'm surprised McHenry and HIS administration let it get to the point of a parent petition. Guess they were hoping it would die down... guess they were wrong.

  3. Had a birthday party for my daughter today and parents started talking about it... one told me about this site to download the petition and several of us signed.

  4. When and where will this be presented and to who? I'd like to be there. Any word on how many signatures so far on the online petition?