Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Parent Advisory Council Meeting is tonight 7pm

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 7:00 p.m.
Board Room, MDUSD Dent Center

I. Welcome and Introductions
II. Budget Update – Steven Lawrence
III. School Closure Update – Rose Lock

Speaking of School Closure updates, did anyone else read the minutes posted from the SCAC meeting on December 13th? This was the evening they voted on their recommendations. I found it interesting that in the public comment, there was no Sequoia parent? Was that because time was limited and a Sequoia parent was just not at the front of the line? With all the hoopla on the other post here, and no public comment? What am I missing?  Also, here are the pros and cons the committee considered with their recommendations:  Scenario Pros and Cons

P.S. If you are on the PAC, would you be willing to email a recap tonight? I can include your name, or you can be anonymous -I am unable to attend. Email THANKS! I welcome contributions from others in the community.


  1. I'm not familiar with the Parent Advisory Committee. Is tonight's meeting open to the public or just for committee members? Thank you!

  2. I just called the school district because I had the same question. It is open to the public. Thanks!

  3. Yes, sorry to leave you hanging. Its open to the public. They usually go around the room with introductions and which school your kids go to. Many PTA and PFCs have a Superintendent rep which comes to these meetings and then reports back to the school community. If your school doesn't have one, step up and volunteer. It's a great way to get district news out to the community.

    (though if you are a parent , I wouldn't consider you 'public,' you are a parent, a stakeholder, and can attend on your own or on behalf of your school)