Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MDUSD board meeting tonight

Should be airing live at MDUSD.net beginning at 7:30pm.  Or , if not on the blog you can view directly at live stream:  MDUSD Board Meetings

It *is* on live now 1/25/11.  The sound is bad though on livestream, so turn down the sound on livestream, and listen live at http://www.kvhs.com/main.htm .  The lips don't match as there is a radio delay but the sound is perfect.

I couldn't watch it on livestream this time as the audio was so bad, so I turned to the radio.  Thanks to the staff /students at KVHS at Clayton Valley High, the sound quality was excellent, and I was able to run errands and even go to the store during the meeting and listen in on my car radio!  When I heard there were 80 speakers, I knew I couldn't watch it, but I am hoping to get to the next meeting live. 

Did anyone learn anything new through the speakers? Or any sparks? Theresa Harrington was tweeting but I don't see any new tweets since about 8:20pm.  I'm sure she'll recap later .


  1. Golly gee, I wonder what happened after the meeting last night to cause Lawrence to eliminate several schools from the closure list ? I guess he is trying to take pressure off of the Board.

  2. No surprises last night, nothing to see here, moving on...

  3. He eliminated them AT the meeting, not after. And really, he didn't eliminate them, he just gave the board his recommendation. We still don't know what the board will decide. There is an awful lot of data out there to keep us busy though. I suggest you all read up on the facts to base an informed opinion on.