Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Did you know MDUSD has an anonymous tip line and online form for safety concerns?

Check it out, for at least the last few years I know of MDUSD has had an anonymous tip line designed to allow students, or others, concerned for safety or with knowledge of a crime, vandalism or other factors on school campuses.  Given the disturbing gang information on the other blog today, I thought it would be good to post up the information so students or parents could feel comfortable reporting suspicious or possible dangerous circumstances.

Let's keep our kids safe!

District Hotline
We encourage the use of our district tip line to confidentially report rumors, potentially dangerous situations or vandalism that may impact our schools - (925) 709-4847

Online form:
MDUSD Safe School Form 

Now, related to this, and to Claycord's post about the increased patrols at, at least one, MDUSD high school campus today due to gang activity - I do wonder why they don't advise parents.  Do they tell the kids anything on campus at all?  (if they do, they should definately also be filling in the parents) I ask because, in a timely coincidence UCSC (UC Santa Cruz) is reported to be on high alert after "threatening" graffiti was found on campus last month. They've increased training, patrols and presence, as well as alerting the community. 

Well, we've heard that there was graffiti at MDHS this weekend (threatening? Not sure)  But in a "gang" retaliation type situation, should students/families be told?  It's finals week though..... how many would stay home?

Here's the story from ABC News on UCSC:
UCSC on high alert

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