Friday, January 7, 2011

Board Meeting Tuesday - Agenda ready for view

The agenda for Tuesday night's board meeting is online and available for viewing ONLINE.

One thing they do have is the draft of the 2011-2012 calendar approved by MDEA and set forth for approval by the board.  You'll be glad to know the proposal has kids starting back on a Weds, August 31. The last day is listed as June 13th, another Weds.  Thank goodness they're not going to do this stupid end school on a Monday thing again!     See draft 2011-2012 calendar here.

Board Meeting
Tuesday, January 11th
Dent Center, Carlotta Dr, Concord

There are a lot of special ed items on this agenda.  Take a look at this blog post by Mt Diablo Unified Community Advisory Committee on Special Education (CAC).  They need your help. 

The governor is set to release his budget Monday and all indications so far is that it is going to be U-G-L-Y.  Theresa Harrington of the Times recaps some concerns and the discussions at Wednesday nights PAC meeting.  You can see that HERE.


  1. Can someone tell me the difference between Agenda item 18 and the NCLB transfers for underperforming schools ? Is the district no longer going to limit which schools can be tranfered from ?

  2. This is anon 3.32. I meant which schools can be transfered to ?

  3. Check this blog post out. Hope it will answer your questions...

    There are three options for transfer. Only the nclb transfer gives you transport. The others you will be providing your own transport.

  4. Thank you MDUSDParents. It was helpful. So it looks like Item 18 is only about "Open Enrollment" not NCLB. When will the Board decide on the NCLB schools to which schools they can transfer ? I guess school closure decision might affect that too, eh ?

  5. the schools you can choose from are also on that blog post, you have to put option 1 and option 2. It has been announced the district will give 30 days after school closures are announced to make changes if your school is impacted by a closure or rezoning.

  6. The NCLB options of schools to transfer "TO" are also on the MDUSD district website in their FAQ document:

    Elem: Ayers, Bancroft, Hidden Valley, Mt. View, Sun Terrace, Westwood, Wren

    Middle: Diablo View, Pleasant Hill

  7. I can't believe that parents who have a child in a closed "high performing" school and then end up in a NCLB school are going to be happy with that limited list. There won't be enough spots to accomodate all the NCLB transfer requests. Also remember that the district will have to pay the transportation costs for these students. Isn't that the way it will work ?

  8. Anon 4:52,

    Well you raise a valid question, but given how this board has operated in the past. Gary Eberhart will tell you how it will work and you will like it. There is no discussion and no negotiation.