Monday, May 9, 2011

Teachers hold a "Grade Mob" at Sun Valley Mall on Tuesday

Teachers will hold a "GRADE MOB" at Sun Valley Mall tomorrow, Tuesday, May 10th.  They are inviting MDUSD teachers to come wearing their school shirts, or something that identifies them as a teacher, and to bring papers to grade, or lessons to plan.  They will not be handing out flyers, they will "simply be doing what we always do after school in our 'free' time, working for our students."

Grade Mobs will be happening between 4pm - 6pm, but MDEA (the Mt. Diablo teachers) will be there from 5:30-6:30pm. 

Jo Carson, the VP of MDEA says "please join us in sending the public our message that Education in California is in a State of Emergency."

I'm not sure what interested public, students or parents can do, other than support their efforts in making noise to Sacramento, but wanted to alert you that there is an opportunity to possibly show some support to our teachers tomorrow at Sun Valley.

Don't forget there is a MDUSD School Board meeting tomorrow night too.


  1. I hope that all of our teachers who decide to attend this "mob" will also write to the Governor and remind him that he and the Democrats are the only ones suggesting cuts to education. It is time to cut spending and waste in California rather than conjuring up scare tactics to get us to pressure legislators to pass ballot proposals for tax increases and extensions.

  2. Anyone listening to the board meeting. Gary might break his arm from patting himself on the back so hard.

  3. Had obligations last night. Anonymous,9:13pm: Can you give those of us who missed it a rundown of highlights?

  4. I listened to some of the meeting (the highlights as I saw them:

    i. YV Administrators get to go on their trip to the tune of $10,000

    ii. GE abstained from voting on the Schreder consulting contract, but it passed anyway, so GE's employer connection wins again to the tune of $14,000

    My overall observation is that there is something morally and ethically wrong with the board.

    They often make the argument, "This is categorical money that has to be spent for this specific purpose (when they are wasting it for things like an Oregon field trip for administrators)." Then with the Measure C funds (which are also legally categorical money) they keep patting themselves on the back for how much is going into the general fund.

    I say they can't have it both ways.

  5. Anon- Categorical money can ONLY be spent on specifics, and that is either a Federal or State Mandate. The BOE does not decide the mandate or just to "make" funds categorical.

    As for the YV administration (who are very hard working and amazing), were those funds from categorical funds? I bet there were, when a school is name low performing, or Title 1, our Federal Government gives them money only to be used to improve the school. Sadly schools are given money for ESL, Special Education, Socio-economic challenged, low performing, etc... I wish all students were treated equally but our State and Federal Governments state ALL children (no matter if legal or illegal) are to be educated. This puts the burden on the school, then the community looks down upon the school if the API is not high enough.

    Many times the mandates include being required to attend trainings. Don't forget these administrators have families and would rather be home with them, then out of town on training.

    Measure C funds can ONLY be used for facility improvements and upgrades. It would be wonderful if these funds could be used in the classroom. If this community had passed the Parcel Tax, that $7.5 million a year right now would help a lot!

  6. Anon @ 1:37,

    You have made two mistakes:

    1. Yeah right these administrators would rather be home with their families. They will be living high on the hog at the Marriott on the taxpayer dime.

    2. Yes measure C funds can only be used for facility upgrades, but that is just a way to launder the money to get it into the general fund so that the board can give their cronies more raises like the Gang of five debacle.

  7. 10,000 sounds like a lot of money.....maybe I am wrong but I think they are stupid and getting ripped off to send people on a trip to learn how to use ineffective methods. Shit I educated myself about reading disabilities on line for free and went to many training for free.

    This Board is moraly and ethically chalenged as are so many people who work for the district.

    I am so angry and fed up with the who system!

  8. Thanks for the rundown. Title 1 funds are first and foremost to bring the kids education and scores up, not bring the principals education up. They shouldn't be there in the first place if they don't know how to do the job. Of the four ways the money may be used, three speak to "cleaning house"! Two suggest fire the principal as a first step. None suggest spending the grant funds on sending 6 principals on out of state working vacations.

    If they must go on a training junket, are there no sessions planned in the next few months at a venue closer than Oregon? Usually these folks go all over the country collecting pay for their ideas.

  9. Answered my own question. This same training seminar will be right here in Santa Clara Sept 21. They could save us $9000.00 by waiting three months!

  10. GEEZ! That really is disappointing. Blogger was down for a couple of days and a couple of days worth of comments are missing. Good stuff about the conference happening in Santa Clara in September, etc. If you would please repost, that would be great. or I'll try to find the posts in an archive.