Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clayton Valley Charter steering committee comments on the Superintendent's FAQ

MDUSD Parents--While it's been interesting reading the comments to Dr. Lawrence's statement regarding the financing of Clayton Valley High School's potential new charter conversion, there are some points that need clarification and further investigation.  Upon consultation with California Charter School Association and ExEd (who further consulted with the California Department of Education), the Steering Committee is releasing the following statement:

"We appreciate Mt Diablo USD’s recent efforts to respond to the community’s questions concerning the CVHS conversion. However, the District’s statement about passing on additional funds is based on legislation that since January 1, 2010 is no longer in effect.  Recently legislation (SB 191) was passed with the intent to ensure that unified school districts would not be hurt by their conversion high schools. While some confusion remains, this legislation was enacted to ensure that the conversion school will receive revenue limit funding from the state as would any new charter school - based on its student ADA.  We are in the process of confirming this with the California Department of Education and should be able to provide more detail soon.

It is important to note that the conversion would not open until late summer of 2012. While the district will lose funds that follow student ADA, it will no longer carry the costs of operating the school. The conversion will allow the school to focus resources directly on the students it serves and contrary to district assertions, should not negatively impact other programs."

In addition, the steering committee tells me they will be updating their sites more often with news and updates as the final teacher votes, and charter submission to the board grows nearer.


Also a charter informational meeting geared to students and community will take place at 3:15 on Thursday at CVHS. So go attend and learn more,