Monday, May 9, 2011

Agenda for tomorrow's board meeting

Do you read the board meeting agendas?  I do.  One thing I always find interesting is the employee actions where you can see retirements, leaves of absences, new hires, etc.  There are several retirements from CVHS, namely the Principal as we already knew, and VP Leach, and a few long time teachers. 

You can read the agendas on the Electronic School Board:

This board agenda is very busy.  Including within it too is the contract for a firm to look at the boundary realignment to address overcrowding Meadow Homes and Delta View.  The contract is for $14,500.

If you attend or listen in/watch from home you'll also see updates about the school closure transition process, the budget update and an update about strategic planning.  Remember, there are more meetings coming that you can attend to provide input , see those meetings HERE.

As usual there are items that are sure to be controversial for some including a request for YV feeder pattern principals to attend a conference in Oregon in June to the tune of almost $10,000.

Remember, most of the information people 'complain' about is available online, and you're able to write to the board, attend the meetings and ask questions.


  1. $9,700 to send six administrators from low-performing schools to a conference focused on closing the achievement gap? Seriously?! The possibility that any funds be directed toward airfare and hotel rooms in the midst of this economic crisis is unconscionable. How about purchasing a copy of the book for $27.95 -- or better yet, download the powerpoint and FREE webinar!

    Professional development dollars are much better spent on release time for teachers to collaborate, plan, and even analyze data. Principals might consider spending time in a classroom, and even offer some one-on-one or small group support to those students who require targeted intervention.

    The last thing we should be doing is spending money on travel -- let alone rehashing a theoretical model that we already employ, while lacking the personnel resources to fully implement it as intended.

  2. Is there a reallllly good reason why these Principals couldn't wait and go to the seminar in Sept. when it is in Santa Clara. That would save a bucket of money!

  3. GEEZ! That really is disappointing. Blogger was down for a couple of days and a couple of days worth of comments are missing. Good stuff about the conference happening in Santa Clara in September, etc. If you would please repost, that would be great. or I'll try to find the posts in an archive.

  4. MDUSDParents: All you ever wanted to know about pyramid style "Intervention" in your school is available on many sites as webinar type events, or with supplies that can be used locally by districts for self education. It is really just common sense--A good teacher will ALWAYS teach it right, and make sure they have learned it before moving on--. A well run school system will not pile on more to do in less time to do it than is practical for education purposes--. Simplest concept of all is "the three R's must be mastered first". If there is time left over, move on to broaden your horizons.

    But the seminar-book seller "Pyramid--Learning Tree" site is more telling about what a money maker this "revolutionary concept" has become:

    You can find their schedule of seminars there as well.

  5. And moving on to "future" board meetings: Gary says on his blog that he will use his board seat as a bully pulpit to help influence State Politics to pass higher taxes through less representation.

    IS THAT EVEN LEGAL? Did we elect him to his local seat to work the State Circuit? Doesn't his local board position belong on the "local" level--period?

  6. g,
    I too was taken aback by that comment. Whether legal or not I do not think it is appropriate that individual board members make political statements or try to influence voters (one exception - local MDUSD measures). That point of view may not represent the view of all board members and it certainly does not represent the view of all parents.
    In my opinion, Gary has fallen prey to the scare tactics bestowed upon us from Sacramento and while I understand this State is in a financial crisis I also know it is not the time to raise taxes, it is the time (long over due) to make cuts to other programs. Education just happens to be a scape goat when politician want to convince the voters to raise taxes. Other legislators have placed a budget on the Governor's desk that does not raise taxes or cut education.

  7. Guys,

    The board (with exception of Cheryl) doesn't give one hoot about what we think. Remember these are politicians whose primary concern is being re-elected. They only serve the teachers union.

  8. So how do you feel about Whitmarsh being on the board AND being president of the YVHS PTSA. Is that ethical/legal. Shouldn't she recuse herself on any vote that in anyway involves teacher hire/fire, or any money coming to "her" school--maybe even her entire "feeder pattern"? How about voting for $10K to send her entire feeder pattern on the RtI junket to Oregon?

  9. g,

    I think it should be illegal. The entire board should be investigated by the grand jury.

  10. g and Anon: Why? Have you ever attended a YVHS PTSA meeting to hear and see what is discussed. This is just another attempt at another slam without merit or facts. Before you condemn someone who is helping a school or community, attend and educate yourself or better yet, go back under your rock.

  11. G, do you think the PTA holds any real power? Are you for real? They fundraise and plan luncheons for the staff.

    The money is controlled by the School Site Council. Why aren't you up their noses with your righteous indignation?

  12. But, But, Anonymous, Anonymous-- I asked you first. Should any board member be allowed to vote on funds spending at "their" school? Should they be allowed to vote on school closure if "their" school is on a list? Think Fast. Your answer may come back to bite you in the real near future. Are recusal rules not just as valid in school government as any government? Are you sure?