Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MDUSD candidate forum October 20th in Pleasant Hill

Below is a message received from Jenny Reik in Pleasant Hill.

I thought you might be interested in the following information about the Pleasant Hill Education Commission's School Board Candidate Forum that will be held on October 20th. Five of the candidates will be participating (I did contact all of them): Linda Mayo, Brian Lawrence, Cheryl Hansen, Roy Larkin, and Jeff Adams.

Information is below and a flyer will be coming out and distributed soon, mostly to schools within the Pleasant Hill feeder pattern, although of course, everyone is welcome! And I'll forward information in the next couple of days about the two planned re-broadcasts as well on comcast.

Pleasant Hill Education Commission presents
2010 Mt Diablo Unified School District
Board of Education Candidates Forum
Wednesday, Oct 20, 7-9 pm
Pleasant Hill City Hall
Council Chambers
100 Gregory Lane
Meet the candidates running in the upcoming November election for MDUSD Board of Education and get answers to your questions regarding their positions and qualifications in this discussion moderated by Contra Costa Times Political Editor Lisa Vorderbrueggen.
Questions chosen to be posed to the candidates by the moderator at the event will be a mix of those prepared in advance from community input and those submitted that evening.  
To send your question in advance for consideration, please email:

There is a Monday, October 4th 6pm candidate forum too, at the Dent Center sponsored by the special education Community Advisory Committee.


  1. The Supt throws another interception -- Blueshieldgate ! OMG, when will it stop.
    Doctor J

  2. You gonna be there, Dr J? You asked for it, you got it. Now put up or shut up.

  3. Anon 10:59,

    Great question. I expect Dr J. to introduce himself to me at the meeting and take part in the discussion. You said you would a little while back and I expect you to follow through. You have put yourself out there as the beacon of truth, I hope you don't fail. I'll see you on Tuesday Dr. J.


  4. Gary, please don't misquote me like you misquote others. I said I would participate in the public discussion during the development of the strategic plan. It is a little disappointing that you think the "first step" in a strategic plan is adoption of top down goals/objectives. That doesn't mean that I will be at every meeting but I may be. I guess that you have have to wonder about every person who is at these meetings -- you can keep asking the same question you have been asking for months about everyone at the Board meetings, everyone at the Dent Center, everyone at school sites, everyone you run into around town, everyone you run into at the grocery store -- is that Doctor J ?
    Doctor J

  5. Dr J.,

    I never figured that you would show. You continue to mislead, misstate and confuse the readers. You said you would show up, but you don't have what it takes to actually be a part of the solution, do you?

    You do have a pretty inflated ego though. Do you really think I am concerned with whether or not you have been coming to our meetings? Do you really believe that I sit around wondering who you are?

    At least I am willing to try to work on solutions. You have yet to lend a hand. Keep up the great work. You are really making a difference.


  6. Gary,

    How does it feel that you only have another month of your board majority, then the new blood will reign you in. HAHAHA

  7. Gary, you are obsessed as to who I am. You are obessive/compulsive.
    Doctor J

  8. Doctor J- There are a lot of us who are curious as to who you are.

    Why wouldn't we be? You claim to care about the kids and the district, yet all you seem to do is post on this blog accusing people of things.

    Gary- Please don't engage in banter with Doctor J on this site. After all this time of his/her posting, they have not created a groundswell of support for what they are saying, and there is no value in stooping down to that level and engaging Doctor J.

  9. I knew you'd punk out, Dr J. All blog, no action.

  10. As a former MDUSD student and now as a very active MDUSD parent Please do show Dr. J more respect!!!
    Thank You

  11. Anon 11:04am- I guess I am old school, but I give respect to those who I find respectful. Doctor J has not shown themself to be that way.

    In one of Doctor J's post, he tells Gary that he is obsessive/compulsive. That is not a comment that is worthy of my respect.

    At least Gary has the balls to be on the board trying to help our kids, while Doctor J sits in the shadows throwing out criticisms and accusations, left and right.

    If Doctor J knows that things are wrong to the point of gross negligence or incompetence, why are they not coming forth with the info.

    I am sorry that you think it is more important to show respect for Doctor J but not for Gary, or the other admin at MDUSD who are actually putting themselves out there.

  12. Dr. J-did you attend the strategic plan meeting? If so, please share your thoughts on what was presented and discussed?