Monday, September 20, 2010

Congratulations to the band winners of the Walnut Festival parade

Congratulations to the High School bands who participated in the Walnut Festival Parade on Saturday Night.  I have to say, I was VERY impressed with all of them!  A big congrats too to Clayton Valley's Rally Band, they were high energy and really, really good!  They did not enter as a formal marching band, so that is why you do not see them below.

Update: Thank you to the kind reader who sent a link to a couple of the performances.  Check it out!  Ygnacio Valley and Concord High are featured HERE.

Here are the results:

Twilight Parade
Final Results
1st Place – Ygnacio Valley HS website
2nd Place – Concord HS website
3rd Place – Pittsburg HS

Drum Major
1st Place – Concord HS
2nd Place – Pittsburg HS
3rd Place – Antioch HS

1st Place – Pittsburg HS
2nd Place –Concord HS
3rd Place – Ygnacio Valley HS

1st Place – Pittsburg HS
2nd Place – Northgate HS website
3rd Place – Contra Costa Christian


  1. And the overall winner, winner of the "Nut" award, was Pittsburg HS!

    Congratulations to all the band, cheer and auxiliary participants - great job!

  2. Thanks another band mom. I asked the walnut festival more than once for all the results, but this is all they gave me! I guess because my email has mdusd in it they kept assuming that's all I wanted.

  3. By the way, if anyone wants to provide the links to their school performances, I will gladly post. It was really exciting to see such a collection of talented bands.