Monday, October 4, 2010

KTVU Game of the Week: Vote for Clayton Valley vs Concord High

Want to see Clayton Valley vs. Concord High as Game of the Week on KTVU?  Well start voting!

As you can see our local game needs all the help it can get at the moment.

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  1. Are the CVHS Football Thugs playing in the game?

  2. THugs play in the NFL and NBA why not HS?

  3. Congrat's to Concord HS & Northgate HS's Football teams
    Both are ranked in the new East Bay Prep Football Poll

    Chin up for the Ugly Eagles looks like no one is ever going to forget the summer of 2010.

  4. The Ugly Eagles Varsity are 3-1

    Freshman are 4-0

    Varsity, JV, and Freshman are having a great season.

    Can't wait for the Clayton Valley vs Concord game.

    Win or Lose I am out there supporting the great kids on these should be too!

  5. Anon 10/4 at 10:27 PM, you should ask CVHS about their girls water polo team. Ask about the traditional hazing incident that happened this past weekend and the car accident that happened because of the Sr. girls who tied and picked up the new JV girls. Girls with concussions and injuries, many in the cars with no seat belts.

    Apparently they are still playing polo and no sort of punishment or consequences. These girls were lucky no one was killed. CVHS parents, wake up before someone loses their life.

  6. Anon 5:50,

    If what you say is true, and I have every reason to believe that it is. Who and for what purpose is this being covered up?

    Is the school board aware of this issue?

  7. Good Lord 9:29pm! Straight to blaming the school board already?

    Are you a CVHS parent? If so, and you really care, why aren't you asking why the administration there isn't doing anything?

    C'mon haters. There's enough on the school board's plate that it's unreasonable to think that they will know everything that goes on at every school site as soon as it happens.

  8. Ask your CVHS administration, this was being talked about at the YV/CVHS water polo game. I heard something about it there. I heard that at least 4 girls have concussions, it was a serious accident with injuries. This needs to be brought up and dealt with.

    The BOE would only know about it if someone mentions it. Maybe if they read this then questions of CVHS will be asked.

    I would assume it is true, why would anyone talk about it from Clayton if it was made up? This would be opening up their school and athlete's to an investigation.

  9. Anon 10:16,

    Given the recent events with CVHS athletes, I suspect there may be a number of administrators and coaches at CVHS who would like to have this incident "covered up".

    Let see we have:
    1. This alleged hazing incident (women's h20 polo)
    2. The iphone strong armed burglary; multiple (mens football team)
    3. Drunken Prom goers (women's softball team)
    4. Sweater Stealers (women's soccer team)

  10. Well, the district needs to be informed and as a parent of teens I will be doing this. CVHS the cover ups need to stop for your athlete's. This is not helping them, you are enabling. Teens have to learn from consequences and something needs to be done before someone dies.

    Wow anon 10:27, I did not realize how bad it was at CVHS until your reminder, thank you.

    As community members we should be outraged at this school administration and the AD.

  11. I heard the kidnapped CVHS water polo girls had pillow cases put over their heads and were put into a cargo van without seats or seatbelts, this thing gets worse.

  12. Interestingly,

    No comments from the board members or CVHS admin or coaches.

    The cover-ups continue. No surprise here.

  13. 10:00,

    It is easy for you to claim cover up, but the reality is that the board, the school administration and the district are strictly prohibited by law from commenting, even if they wanted to. It would be inappropriate and illegal for the district to discuss this matter publicly. Both students and employees have privacy rights that prevent any discussion.

    Your comment indicts the district for following the law. The reality is that if board members or the district staff commented here, that would be inappropriate and should be criticized.

    Unfortunately there are lots of people who read your comment and think it has some validity . . . it does not.

  14. I have a feeling the school administration did not know about this incident. But the CVHS Polo coaches did and did nothing. They should either resign immediately or be fired after the investigation. This will be out soon as parents from outside the MDUSD know about it and are speaking up.

  15. My daughter who isn't a water polo player knew about it that evening because it was all over facebook, and it is all over the school. If the administration doesn't know about it then they are entirely out of touch with their student population. Of course, given what I have seen of the administration that is highly possible.

  16. Anon 1:37

    If I were you I would speak up to the CVHS administration. Because of this latest incident, this will reflect on all students and athlete's at CVHS. Fight for your daughter's school, demand consequences for breaking rules and let the school know this is NOT ok. If this was all over facebook, as an adult and parent you owe it to your teen to speak up.

    Sadly the judgement I hear about CVHS parents is that they will do anything to cover up their little darlings mistakes, even it the mistakes harmed others. Stop the insanity now.

  17. What I don't understand is how the adminstration and coaches can justify covering up a hazing incident where student-athletes were injured in a car accident?

    Something doesn't add up here? Are CVHS Athletes really that out of control?

  18. Somone cited privacy rights as a reason not to discuss? It seems a similar incident (hazing, freshman football players) occurred at Alhambra HS, and the incident is publicly discussed in the Contra Costa Times (below). At what point can the district and/or school go public with the info?

    Alhambra High School football players suspended for allegedly hazing teammate
    By Lisa P. White-Contra Costa Times

    MARTINEZ -- Seven members of the Alhambra High School freshman boys' football team were suspended last week for allegedly hazing a teammate.

    Police are also investigating the incident, which took place before practice on Sept. 29. According to the school district, a group of players taped the 15-year-old victim's legs together, held him down on the locker room floor and punched him several times. The incident, captured in a cell phone video later confiscated by school district administrators, lasted about one to two minutes, Assistant Superintendent Rick Rubino said.

  19. ConcernedParent,

    I suspect the difference you see has something to do with the Martinez school district not have a history of covering incidents up like we do here in the MDUSD.

    Remember as far as the MDUSD is concerned, "if we don't talk about it, it never happened".

  20. The big difference between the Alhambra incident and CVHS is the parents of the Alhambra victim called the Police and are pressing charges. So a Police investigation occurred. Also the incident was recorded on a cell phone and the district confiscated the phone.

    Did you see or hear from an Alhambra administrator on any blogs about this incident? Did they discuss details and punishment during the investigation?

    I know for a fact that MDUSD is not covering this up, it was investigated after they finally were informed of the incident. I would not expect them to report on a blog the outcome of their investigation and the consequences of the CVHS Girls involved.

    If a CVHS parent or community member is concerned, call the school and ask what has been the outcome of the district investigation. Most likely the involved girls are minors.

    So please stop with the accusations of a cover up by the district. The cover up happened by the parents of these girls and their coaches! They are the ones who should be charged with child endangerment.

  21. Anon 4:20,

    So are you saying there is an ongoing coverup? It seems you say the district is not at fault but the parents and coaches are trying to pull a fast one?

  22. Anon 9:15

    I should have said an alleged cover up by parents and possibly the coaches. I made the assumption the polo coaches were fully aware of the incident. I am guessing. All I know is parents of CVHS water polo players talked about this incident at the water polo game last night. Let us let the district do their investigation, because of confidentiality I am not sure what we as a community can be told.

  23. Anon 9:49,

    Well I am suspending my support for MDUSD athletics until someone comes clean about this event.

    I would like to just support the other schools, but I bet all the athletic money goes into one pot to be "equitably" spread around. I can't stand the thought of a single penny of mine being used to support incorrigible women on the CVHS water polo team.

  24. Concerned Community MemberOctober 8, 2010 at 8:24 AM

    Anon 10:03
    An option for you is to sponsor an athlete at a High School via their Athletic Boosters. We do this at our local school and the donated money sponsors an athlete who otherwise could not afford to play. It is a great, feel good deed. We have done this ourselves.

    I am hoping that someone from CVHS administration acknowledges this incident and talks about future plans to stop this type of behavior. This is and could be a very important learning tool for athlete's and all students at all our high schools.

    Sadly I hear from people with students at CVHS that this is typical, they feel their administration does not appropriately punish student athlete's. The punishment should be a 5 day suspension from school along with the 45 school day suspension from all activities, including sports.

    Hey CVHS let us know you have done this, this could help your school's reputation.

  25. Well I am going to jump in here. We have great kids and athlete's at all our schools. Sometimes judgments are clouded by traditions. This is when the parents need to jump in and guide, either by stopping it or helping. From what I have read a simple thing would have been for the parents of the Sr. girls to have driven all the girls to breakfast. If parents of all girls were involved, then this would have been a fun thing and positive team bonding breakfast. (no kidnapping, pillow cases or cargo vans)

    I have heard the water polo coach is great, very caring and been at CVHS a long time. We need to give him or her, the school administration and the AD a chance to handle this situation. None of us knows the factual details and who knew what.

  26. To Anon 4:20 - not expecting MDUSD or CVHS administrators to post on any blog, but would expect them to acknowledge, via CVHS school or district communication channels, that they are aware of an issue, are investigating the issue and will let the community know when the investigation is closed. We respect that, even at the close of the investigation, some information cannot be shared. But many would appreciate hearing an acknowledgment that CVHS & MDUSD are taking appropriate steps. In this case, no news *isn't* good news.

  27. Anon 9:36,

    You are right but are forgetting the motto of the MDUSD board:

    "If we don't talk about it, it never happened."

    As for the CVHS coaches, admin, and parents who are engaged in a cover-up, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Think about what this cover-up teaches these young athletes.

  28. Nobody is trying to cover anything up regarding the hazing at CV. The administration may be slow to react but they need to make sure that the appropriate players are being punished and that the correct punishment is handed out. There were a lot of girls involved in this very unfortunate incident and the MDUSD administration as well as the CV administration needs to get all their facts in order and not just start suspending kids on hearsay. This is going to take several days to sort out.

    The CV water polo coach is the best in the area. He puts in so much time and effort into these girls but he is not responsible for what they do out of the water and outside of water polo. We don’t even know if he did report this to the schools AD or not so it’s not fair to cast stones at this man. I would like to know where the parents were during this. The younger girls that are being kidnapped, well their parents have to know ahead of time so the house is unlocked and the police aren’t called thinking it’s an intruder. So these parents allowed their daughters to be kidnapped and driven around by other teenagers – mistake number one parents! Where were the parents of the drivers? Did they not know what the cargo van was going to be used for? Did they not know that their teenage daughter was leaving the house very early in the a.m. to kidnap other players? Mistake number 2 – allowing your daughters to be put in this situation in the first place and/or not knowing what your daughters were up to. Sorry parents, but these are teenagers and you know that they are going to be acting silly and not paying attention like they should be when they have a car full of girlfriends. Let’s all be thankful that all the girls walked away from this accident with a few bumps and bruises. And let’s give the school and the school district time to sort out the details before we jump on the bandwagon and accuse them of a cover-up. If your daughter was involved wouldn’t you want to make sure she was treated fairly?

  29. Proud Mom of 3,

    Thank you for your post. I think I agree with what you say. I do have a question for you though (you seem to have inside knowledge of the situation).

    Given all of the recent incidents with CVHS athletes (hazing, strong armed burglary, druken prom attendees, and sweater theft) why is this happening? Is there a preception at CVHS that there are no consequences? Do coaches condone this? Does the AD condone this? Are all punishments simply a slap on the wrist?

  30. Anon 12:32
    I do not have any inside knowledge on the CV hazing incident; I just look both ways and use common sense before jumping on any bandwagon.

    I do have kids that have gone to high school and are in high school in the MDUSD and we are very involved in sports be it through school or summer recreation and/or club sports so we have a very wide circle of friends with teens at many different area high schools.

    I cannot answer your other questions about CV because I am not a CV parent. However, as far as punishment goes, the strong armed guys did nothing during the school year so why should the school punish them? It is a police matter, not a school matter and why weren’t the parents questioning their child when he was bringing home the stuff he stole? The sweatshirt girls were punished from what I remember reading as were the drunk prom goers. Isn’t it the parent’s job to teach their kids to not steal and the hazards of teen drinking? After all prom was on a Saturday did they swipe the booze form their parents? The Alhambra hazing was completely different than CV because those football players tied up and beat another player, they weren’t out to have fun and do some team bonding, they were out to cause physical harm to a team mate. From what I read and only from what I read the CV polo players have kidnapped the new players every year to take them to breakfast and have a fun morning with them. They in no way intended to cause harm to anyone, it was just a freak accident and a lot of girls ended up hurt. Unfortunately for them, this is still hazing and something went wrong and people got hurt and they need to be held accountable. But again, where were the parents that allowed this to happen, they let their daughters drive other teens around knowing that they were going to be silly and crazy. I say shame on the parents for not being there.

    Every school has to follow district guidelines as to what the punishment is for certain crimes. Everyone is screaming cover-up, kick the kids off the team, yadda, yada, yadda – no one even knows all the facts yet, no one but the girls involved. It will take days to sort this all out so let’s just let that happen and go from there.

  31. For everyone’s peace of mind or at least the people on this blog, I will try to clarify what happened, and how the CV administration and MDUSD responded to the situation.
    An email was sent to the school district by a parent from another school reporting a very alarming incident with the girl’s water polo team. This parent had overheard someone talking about that incident. The superintendent immediately called the CVHS administration to find out what happened. An investigation by the administration and by the MDUSD attorney took place at once.
    Some of what the parent reported was false - the girls were tied up, they were being hazed, it was a terrible accident, etc. None of this happened.
    All of the parents knew the girls were going on a "team bonding" outing with team mates. The girls went to one of the team member’s home for pizza and were chaperoned by several of the parents.
    The only mistake made was that several of the girls were not wearing seat belts. One of the two cars (all of the girls wearing seat belts) made a quick stop and the other car rear ended that car. Several of the girls in the second car were not wearing seatbelts. Their parents were immediately called and came and picked them up. I believe that several of the parents had their daughters checked on at the emergency room before taking them home or back to the pizza house for a sleepover. We did not receive any complaints from any of these parents or any of the students involved.
    The school district decided that it could not punish the girls for not wearing seatbelts on a Saturday night parent approved outing.
    I have been the athletic director at CV for the past few years and I have not seen any "cover ups" that a few bloggers allude to. All of the added anonymous opinions that eventually lead to unjust accusations certainly make the story more interesting and compelling to read and comment on. None of which makes it true or lends it any validity. It just makes it confusing to everyone else and paints a false picture of the CV administration and the athletes at Clayton Valley High School. It does indeed damage the image of athletics in our entire community.
    If any of you would like to call me with your concerns or come in and talk to me I would be happy to try answering your questions as best I can. I will not however answer anonymous comments or questions. Pat Middendorf

  32. Pat,

    It is interesting that the "story" from CVHS is always, "it wasn't a school sanctioned activity....we have no recourse....blah...blah...blah.."

    What about the sweater stealers, was that not a school sanctioned activity? Why were those girls allowed to continue to play instead of serving their 45 day athletic suspensions?

    Wouldn't have anything to do with Daddy having a cozy relationship with the school would it?

    No cover-ups my ass.

  33. For those questioning what is going on at CV, is it the administration, the coaches the AD, why is nothing ever done. Well Pat’s post just answered the question – it’s the parents that somehow manage to get their kids out of trouble. I was at the polo game to watch my friends daughter play and I overheard CV parents talking about this incident and the CV parents used the word “hazing” over and over again, it was also CV parents who said a cargo van was used to place the girls in and the girls also had pillowcases over their heads so they couldn’t see what was going on. It doesn’t shock me at all now that the story has leaked out that the parents are covering up what happened to protect their little darlings and of course to protect themselves. The administrations hands are tied if the parents are going to cover this up and down-play what really happened. This is exactly why CV kids are always getting in trouble, thanks to their parents they never have any consequences to face.

  34. I don't have kids at CV and I don't know Pat, but what I do know is that I am sick of parents not doing their job and blaming the schools, teachers, Superintendent, etc.

    Look in the mirror people! If these things are going on after school, then at least parents should step up and insist that their kids pay the price when they are caught.

    It might suck for them, but the lesson will last with them for a long time.

  35. Anon 2:32,

    CVHS parents have been helping their athletes escape consequences for misdeeds and criminal activity for at least a decade or so. Pat is just carrying on the "tradition".

    If I had a problem child who was an athlete there would be no better school in the world for him/her than CVHS, if you know what I mean.

  36. Pat

    Thank you for your post but this still does not explain why CVHS parents were talking about this at the last water polo game and they did use the words "tradition and hazing". There were several of us who overheard the conversations, saw the injuries, one being legs scraped and it was that parent that said her daughter was in the van with no seats or seat belts and was scraped because she slid from the back of the van to the front after the read ending. A CVHS parent said that 4 had possible concussions and some girls had black eyes at the game.

    Of course now the stories have changed and the pillow cases over the heads was just a casual comment by a CVHS parent. Sad, sad times for CVHS because I don't believe this community believes or trusts the parents.

    Hopefully these girls and parents have learned a valuable lesson and change how they act and do things. I understand they are great young women and have a great coach.

    Now please don't tell many of us that were at that games, saw the injuries and heard the conversations we were delusional.

  37. Where are the people who said there wasn't a cover-up? Just see what Pat officially said versus the parentsthat know the truth. Still think there isn't a cover-up?

  38. Where are the people who said there wasn't a cover-up? Just see what Pat officially said versus the parentsthat know the truth. Still think there isn't a cover-up?

  39. It appears even a CVHS student acknowledges things happened, go to and it is under the Sunday Big 5K Run at Newhall, here is the link