Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ygnacio Valley High School makes a strong showing at first debate tournament

How great is this?  Ygnacio Valley High has the only debate team within our district high schools (and the first in YV's 50 year history) and has just competed in their first tournament.  The details are below.  

A debate team is a great way for students to learn persuasion techniques, arguing within "rules,"  research skills, public speaking skills and much more.  Personally, I think debate should be a course all on its own, what a life skill!  

Kudos to Dan Leahy, YVHS debate coach, for his time and dedication to this effort.


Ygnacio Valley High School makes strong showing at first debate tournament.

Concord, CA (9/20/10)- Last Saturday Ygnacio Valley competed at the 2nd Annual Banana Classic Tournament at Analy High School in Sebastopol, CA.  Seniors Najmah Sadat, Daniel Cordero, Leo Lujan and Sophomore Rosemary Riggs competed against some of the areas best teams.  This is the first time YV has had a debate team in its 50 year history.  

Both teams achieved winning records with the team of Sadat and Lujan being presented with awards for their success.  Ygnacio Valley will compete on September 25th and October 10th at local league tournaments.  The debate program at Ygnacio Valley is the only such program in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District and is funded by the Mt. Diablo CARES After-School program.  

Ygnacio Valley High School’s debate program is coached by Dan Leahy, a former college debater and alumni of Ygnacio Valley class of 2000.

For more information, contact:
Dan Leahy, (925) 685-8414 x2422


  1. Way to go YVHS! So nice to read something uplifting about our students and of course the coach/teacher that they have! We are so proud of YVHS, its students and all its staff. Our last child will graduate from YVHS in June 2011. It has been a great 9 years!

  2. First YV band comes in first place and then the good news about the Debate team. Sounds like a lot of good things are going on at YV. I keep hearing it is one of the best kept secrets in the district. Funny how DrJ has nothing to say about good news in the district.

  3. Congratulations YV students and parents!