Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Next Round Budget Cuts at MDUSD Board Meeting tonight

MDUSD School Board Meeting Tonight 7:30pm.

Do you know what is on the cut list tonight?

You can read tonight's agenda at : http://www.mdusd.k12.ca.us/mdusd/board_of_education/agendas/currentagenda.pdf

(its only 282 pages!)

The agenda (on page 6) lists all cuts due to be approved tonight, but remember they can vote for ANYTHING on the cut list, even if not on the agenda, and rumors are swirling that the remaining 2 elementary VP's will be cut (which leaves just Meadow Homes with a VP) and most VPs for Middle Schools.

11a is on the agenda, but they may vote for 11b and/or c instead.

11b will cut Highlands Elementary and Mt. Diablo Elementary VPs.
11c will cut Glenbrook, Oak Grove, Pine Hollow and Valley View VPs.

Mt. Diablo Elementary is an elementary school of over 850 children. Does it seem to make good safety sense to cut an administrator at a school of this size? What about your school if its on the list, how will you do with one less administrator on campus each day?

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