Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuesday's Important MDUSD Board Meeting 12/16

From Gary McHenry's Monday Memo:

For more than a month the Board of Education has been discussing and hearing comments about and suggestions for budget reductions. At a special meeting on Tuesday, December 16, the Board may consider not only some initial recommendations for budget cuts but also a proposal for a major revenue enhancement: a parcel tax initiative to be placed on the June 2009 ballot. The meeting will be held in the Little Theater at Northgate High beginning at 7 p.m. The most up-to-date list of proposed budget reductions can be viewed on the District web site,, at two locations accessible from the home page 1) by clicking on "Board of Education" and then "Current Agenda" (see Item 5.4) or 2) by clicking on "MDUSD Budget Reductions in the box titled "Budget Reduction Info" and then on the pdf file "MDUSD Budget Reduction List."

If you are concerned with the budget cuts and how they will impact your students and your school(s) - it will be important to attend. If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming initiative to place a parcel tax on June 2009's ballot - its important to attend.

NOTE the location is different. This meeting will be held at Northgate High School's Little Theater and begins at 7pm. Don't forget to check for a live broadcast of this special board meeting if you are not able to attend.

Also note you can find the most recent list of possible cuts on the district site: For the list updated 12/16/08. You can get the agenda for the meeting at:

Please note they are voting to approve some of the reductions at this meeting. Please note item 5.4 on the agenda at the link above. They include such items as:

21. Reduce contributions to summer school.
24. Reduce budget for Student Information System by $420,00 one time
27. Eliminate one vacant occupational therapy assistant
29a. Shift the cost of the Administrative Secretary's position . . . (read more at budget)
33. Shift funding for one FTE senior account clerk . . . (read more at budget)
58. Reduce one FTE staffing assigned to Mt. Diablo High School
70. Implement a "just in time" delivery program for ordering core items (read more at budget)

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