Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tonight's Meeting 1/27

The board went into tonight's meeting with an eye on cutting over 1 million dollars. Instead the cuts were far less. VP's were not cut tonight. Instead an exchange ensued about what more can be cut from the Dent Center (District Office). Sure to be some hard choices in the meetings ahead. They did ask the Superintendent to provide additional information on a possible 6 cuts in Directors and Asst Directors at Dent. In addition, they did cut tonight the Asst to the Superintendent/Communications Specialist position. This budget promises to bring more devastating cuts in the future. I do still believe though that we should cut as far away from the kids as we can. Granted every single position on their list impacts our kids, but when it comes to the day to day interaction, safety, communication, discipline, IEPs and more - we have to see administrative at the district office go before our VPs, before library, sports, music or anything else rumored to be cut. See more about the rumors at http://www.mdusd.net/.

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