Saturday, March 12, 2011

Teachers reach tentative agreement?

There are a couple of meetings coming up to inform teachers (MDEA members) of the details of the tentative agreement they've reached prior to voting on it.  What do you think?  I've heard the agreement is only for this year.   Does anyone know if it includes furloughs or other concessions that may impact students?  I'm not sure how to read all their bargaining updates or where to find the tentative agreement.  Here's the latest bargaining update I can find on their website.   Bargaining update.

Here's the details from MDEA on their information meetings:


To allow all members an opportunity to receive valuable information before you vote on the tentative agreement reached between MDEA and MDUSD, we will be holding two MDEA GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS.  The first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 16th  3:45-5:30PM @ the Pleasant Hill Middle School Multi-use room (Pleasant Hill Education Center.)  The second will be held on Tuesday March 22nd 3:45-5:30PM at Clayton Valley High School Multi-use room.  We urge every member to attend one of these meetings.  The MDEA Executive Board and the MDEA Bargaining team will be present at both meetings to answer questions.

Please click on the link below for our flyer announcing the meetings. 

Jo Carson, Vice President
Mt. Diablo Educaiton Association


  1. Here's more information about the tentative agreement, provided by union president Mike Langley:

  2. MDEA is an illegal entity in my opinion. The union leadership should probably be thrown in jail.

  3. Unions have (and continue to) ruin education in this country. There is no hope for our students until they are abolished.

  4. Only the teachers can abolish their own union.

  5. That is not the most up to date info. Click on the Facebook link on the MDEA website for more accurate information on the tentative agreement. Yes, to the furlough days, three of them...

  6. If you enjoy having both Saturday and Sunday off every week and if you recieve a defined number of paid vacation days every year, and you also receive an annual allotment of paid sick days every year, and if you like getting paid for work you do beyond 40 hours a week, thank a union member. In case you don't know it, non-union members would not have all of these things, and more, that we all enjoy, if union men and women had not stood up and bargained collectively. To be competitive, non-union employers have been offering their employees all those items that union workers fought to get. Do away with unions and watch working conditions erode for all working people.

  7. 1:40
    Really? Do you really believe that without unions we would not have weekends or sick leave? Maybe at one time in history but not today. Have you ever heard of EDD. Try being an employer some day. All employees are well represented when it comes to work issues, you do not need a union.

    I will tell you what we wouldn't have:

    1. We wouldn't have those teachers who should be fired and aren't, teaching our kids.

    2. We wouldn't hear the word "no" every time a parent volunteer wanted to help with hanging a white board, weeding a planter bed, or sending out the District newsletter.

    3. We wouldn't have a culture that says if its not in my contract I will complain incessantly about having too many kids, too many meetings, too many tests, etc...

    4. We wouldn't have to fight so hard for innovative programs. Those that include online learning and free up resources in order to offer students more choices.

    You are not going to scare me with the thought that I will no longer have free weekends. And by the way I have always chosen to put in extra work beyond 40 hours (without pay) because it makes me feel good to accomplish the extra work when needed.

    I support good and great teachers. Those who believe they need a union are keeping teachers from being viewed as the professionals they should be.