Thursday, March 17, 2011

Furlough days, a straw poll...

So MDEA is conducting a straw poll querying their members for their choice for furlough days.

We thought we'd do one of pur own, so what say you? Here are the choices they are looking at:

(looking at 3 furlough days for this school year)

Plan A
Friday, May 20
Friday, May 27
Tuesday, May 31
(the 27th and 31st would extend the Memorial Day holiday)

Plan B
Tuesday, June 7
Wednesday, June 8
Thursday, June 9
(this option would end the school year early for students)

Here is more detail (excerpt of the email) from Jo Carson, VP of MDEA:

Dear Members:
Superintendent Lawrence has expressed an interest in working with MDEA members to schedule the 3 fulough/paycut days called for in the TA.  Both sides have come to consensus on two possible schedules for these days. (Plan A or Plan B)   MDEA is conducting a "straw poll" to determine which of these plans the majority of our members prefer.  We are asking all members to report their preference to their Site Rep.  Site Reps will tablulate the preferences and report the tabulations to the MDEA Office via e-mail using the email address.  We need all sites to participate and to report the tally by the end of the work day on Tuesday March 22nd.  (Sooner if possible)


  1. None!!! School is not in session enough as it is. Lower class size, get rid of bad teachers cut at district level and I am sorry but close another school. I really don't want another school to close but we need to get real with this budget. Either that or let the district sink and rebuild it.

  2. Interesting that they are only considering extending the summer, or extending the last holiday just before the summer. I wonder why they are considering extending a holiday that is closer to the middle of the year, like President's Day or MLK. I agree with the post above that the school year is too short as it is, but this was a curious choice on MDEA'a part. I'm glad that SOMEONE is at least asking what the district's "customers" would like!

  3. Personally, I don't like either of those choices. Plan A gives us a long memorial day plus a random Friday off, what 2 weeks before school is out. And Plan A makes school end on a MONDAY again!

    I like a MLK or President day lengthening. But the end of the year , teachers are already struggling to keep kids learning and once testing is done, and weather is nice kids start to zone out. Add in all the parties, field days and now add in all these breaks or shorter year, it may hardly be worth having your kids go to school the last couple of weeks.

  4. Unless we jump in a time machine, we will be unable to lengthen MLK or President Day holiday. As long as we jump in that time machine, there's probably a number of things that we can do to fix the budget situation so that we would not be in as much of a mess.

    The tentative agreement needs to be approved by MDEA's membership prior to any implementation of any furlough days at all.

    These furlough days are for this school year 2010-2011. Future furlough days for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 are yet to be negotiated.

    Unless someone will let me borrow their time machine, I am partial to option A. There are many graduations that are already planned which would have to be moved.

  5. Ummm... It's March. It's too late to extend MLK or Presidents Day. We're talking about eliminating days from the 2010/11 year -- THIS school year. Given that, what do you think of the options? It seems like the teachers can't win. If they don't take furlough days, they're unwilling to give and take a hit. If they do, they're just extending their own vacation time at the kids' expense.

  6. Ahhhhhhhh ok. For this year ok. Thanks for clarifying.

  7. Anon 6:41. This situation is not good all the way around. The perception is that MDEA was not working hard, and now here we are in mid march with these as our only options. I'd say this isn't good for anyone, but I'm not trying to place blame.

  8. Our high school was told that graduation will not be changed. We're booked into Sleep Train Pavilion and Concord Centre and it won't be changed. Plan B would give Seniors an extra 3 days to party. A major problem is school would end on a Monday again, no one will attend, and Seniors will have an extra 6 days to party.

    Plan A would be best for students. Give them the extra 3 days to "study" before finals. And it will give families a long Memorial Day weekend. We have an 8th grade school activity planned on May 27 that would have to be moved and we would hope to receive enough notice for that.

  9. Don't move graduations! Grad Night plans are already made with deposits and contracts signed for the dates set. YV's date was just changed because of a concert at the Pavilion and it caused problems for their grad night. Grad nights are important in trying to keep the kids safe on one of the most exciting nights of their lives.

  10. Plan A by a long shot. I don't like Plan B at all.

  11. Definitely Plan A. There are way too many graduations, parties, end of year celebrations already planned. Deposits have been made, facilities rented, it would be a nightmare for so many people if Plan B was chosen.

  12. Plan A but I wish they would do a furlough day in March while the snow is good!

  13. Didn't I also here that there was a plan to have furlough day in April, one in May and one in June?

  14. Anon 7:12: They are not scheduling furlough days in April, May & June - they are deducting from teachers' PAY for those months. IF it passes. Rumor is that some very vocal middle and high school teachers are against agreeing to anything. Pretty short sighted if you ask me - but they didn't.

  15. You district is imploding and you are at each other's throats blaming each other (parents vs. teachers). What's wrong with this picture? I know, let's just fire all the teachers. That will save millions...

  16. What about the Friday & Tuesday around Memorial Day plus June 9th?

  17. I just tried to login to the MDUSD blog. How do you do it without any of those accounts? Hoping Gary will see my question here.

    I am doing some research regarding Measure C/Solar and went back to your blog for some of the comments made during the election. All of your 2010 posts and comments are missing. 2008, 2009, and 2011 are all there.
    There is nothing during the months leading up to the Measure C election. What happened and are they available elsewhere?

  18. Apparently a modified plan A is most popular for High school graduation reasons. The new days would be May 6th, along with the long Memorial Day weekend. IF it is ratified. Also found out that the Board narrowly agreed to accept this TA. Hmmm - anyone know how they voted?