Thursday, November 11, 2010

Recap of MDUSD's Superintendent PAC meeting

Thank you to Sherry Whitmarsh for providing the following recap of the meeting last night:

Here are my notes.  Please feel free to ask my about any questions.  I've also attached the handout that was given about school closure data.  There is one mistake.  Criteria #4 - substitute facility for family . Here is link to file.
The Curriculum Associates assessment is being used at all of the elementary schools and four middle schools with another middle school expressing interest.  The assessment is a tool for teachers to gauge how the students are progressing toward mastering the state standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math.  The assessment is giving three times a year with an option to do a fourth assessment at the end of the year.  The end of the year assessment is more like the test because it shows which how the students have done for all of the standards.  It is more like the STAR but gives immediate feedback to the teacher instead of waiting all summer for the results.  By using a standard assessment between all schools, feeder pattern schools as well as the district can look at the trends that are developing and set specific goals to help students master the standards.
For each assessment cycle, the teachers take thirty minutes each day for three – four days for ELA and then another thirty minutes each day for three or four days for Math.  For the first and second grade many schools have resources that are bubbling in the scantron.  In first grade the teacher reads the entire assessment to the students.  
The district is having data sessions with teachers to assist them in understanding how the data can be used to help them modify their lesson plan.  For those students who have mastered certain standards the teachers will look at how to enrich their learning.  For those who have not mastered a standard that has been taught, the teachers look at what needs to be reviewed and strategies for teaching it.   

Different schools are using different strategies.  One school has created academies that will work with the students at the different learning levels, other schools develop small groups and divide the groups between the teachers, and others are working within their own classroom.
In schools were the assessment has been given in previous years, teachers discussed how they meet to share the results of the assessment.  Teachers who students have mastered areas of the assessment can do professional training with the other teachers to demonstrate how the standard was taught.

Examples of the results of the assessments were shown.  Sample letters that could be sent home to parents about the assessment were also shared.  The letters allow parents to see how the student is progressing towards the end of year grade level standard.
For students who have accommodations, the schools are meeting those.  Examples were presented where resource teachers were bubbling the scantron for students, students were using a typing device to record their answer, and students were verbally saying their answer.
Parents were concerned with the assessment creating a heavy focus on ELA and math and not enough time being spent and science and social studies.  The teachers stated that the assessments allowed them to have focus, targeted instruction in ELA and math and actually allowed them to spend more time in science and social studies.  Last year both teachers stated that they were able to get further in science and social studies than in past years.  Curriculum Associates does have assessments for science and social studies but the district is not using those at this point.
Does the assessment mean teachers are instructing to the test?  The assessment allows the teachers to focus their assessment on what standards the students have not mastered for the grade level.  It allows them to individualize their teaching based upon where the students are.
There were comments about how the assessment make the students feel inadequate, especially the early assessments.  The teachers and principals present stated that it is their responsibility to ensure that students understand that the assessment is a tool to help the teachers know how to target the instruction.  It is not a test to grade the students.  Students become excited about learning and eagerly wait to see how much they have learned from the previous assessment cycle.

The cost of the material is approximately $60,000.
School Closures
The demographic study was also discussed.  The attached material was reviewed.  The school closure committee is meeting every week and is preparing to meet present a recommendation in December to the board of education.  The board of education will then have a study session to review the data and ask questions. 
The district is looking at saving about $1.5 million from school closures.  The savings is a result in centralized staff – principals, office managers, secretaries, custodians, food services – and not teachers.  Closing an elementary school saves about $300,000 and a middle school saves about $700,000.  Closing a middle school may not save quite as much as thought because a vice principal may be needed at schools that the children are being sent.
The school closure committee has reviewed all of the data and divided into groups based upon the eight criteria.  Each group ranked all schools on a scale of 1 – 20 based upon the criteria.  The groups have now reconvened into the large group and the discussions have begun.  These are not easy discussions.

The committee is also looking at how the closures will affect school boundaries and how those may need to be changed.

Remember, you can find committee information, minutes, meeting schedule etc at


  1. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would bet my bottom dollar that the school closure list and "rankings" are falling right in line with the board's evil plan all along.

    See folks when you hand pick the closure committee things just work out like that. It's so cool.

  3. MDUSD Mom who is tired of thisNovember 12, 2010 at 7:48 AM

    Anon 7:25 You have absolutely no clue on anything do you? The committee was not hand picked, you had to apply. People like you are the problem and enjoy causing "rumors" and problems.

    No one wants to close schools, it is necessary because of the severe cuts by the State. It makes financial sense to close schools that have lower enrollment and nearby schools that can absorb the students.

    This is not an easy process and it does hurt. I was part of school closures in Walnut Creek in the late 70's.

    I am curious, what is the evil plan? Where is your proof that folks were hand picked? Did you apply to be a part of this committee?


    Fact: It takes my 3rd graders about 45-1hr each day for four days. They are actually trying there very best to answer questions of content they have not been taught. Guessing is very hard for them. They are bubbling too.
    Fact: The C.A. test is much harder than anything students see on the STAR test.
    Fact: They forgot to mention that the books alone are $60,000. It is ay more than that. 1. Each school got a new scanner. 2. The district released two or three teachers to mill around the district this year helping other teachers. So, they had to hire someone else to fill those teaching spots. 3. Each school site has an upper grade and lower grade Curriculum Associates lead person. The lead people are being pulled out of class 3 times this year to attend meetings. There are 28 elementary school. That is about $16,000 in substitute cost.
    Fact: The principals are saying that the overall push for this is that the district is in jepardy of being taken over by the state because of some under achieving schools.
    Fact: If you read the Curriculum Associates literature, you are suppose to teach to the test. Teachers are suppose to go over the entire test and questions. We are to teach the students how to do specific problems; be it language or math. I thought we as teachers are supposed to use our adopted curriculum to teach our students the state standards. Isn't that why we just spent millions on a new math series last year.
    Opinion: Our school district is too large and diverse to put a one size fits all approach to raising test scores. I do understand that the district is trying to unify feeder patterns and have common assessments. My school already has very detailed common assessments. That is why we are a 900 school. Many teachers and school are teaching with good outcomes. We have tried to communicate this with the district.

    Thanks, it is really hard to read what the district and board want parents to hear. The few teachers that go to these meeting are the hand picked teachers probably from Delta View Elementary, that work for Sue Peterson.

    Just the Facts Kind of Teacher

  5. Just the Facts Teacher said....

    Sorry for the typing errors. I should have edited more carefully. I am just so frustrated.

  6. 8:09,

    So the district should not pilot new programs or try successful programs at other schools? That is just a dumb position. Why didn't you go to this meeting? It is open to anyone.

    Have you even talked to the board or the "district"?

    You work for the district, do your job.

  7. The problem as I see it is that most stakeholders only see their side, their issues and do not see the big picture.

    Thia frustrated teacher is a case in point. How can we have a teacher so raging mad and frustrated about thus, yet they don't show for a meeting where the parents are being told it's great? Where are the teachers or union trying to educate the parents on this? Did I miss that part?

    So frustrated teacher, will you be at the next board meeting? How about the PAC meeting? Any meeting?

    Well certainly you can continue to use this blog, but just one teacher isn't enough. If others feel this way, they better start speaking up.

    Oh wait for it.... They cant as they fear for their jobs or that board members will retaliate. Yup heard it all before.

    Do the right thing. Isn't that what we teach our kids?

  8. I do see how using the blog is a safe complaining zone. I'll give you that. I am very involved at my site and on site council. If I went to a PAC meeting I think my principal would not be happy about that. It is being talked about a lot at the school level. The unions are aware of the problem and from what I understand are trying to make it public.

    I really should just keep my mouth shut. The board approved this last year so it is a done deal for now. Hopefully the new board will be more mindful before they agree to spend a lot of money of something.

    Just the Facts Teacher

  9. Why should a teacher risk their job by speaking up?

    Despite their protests, members of the current board have shown themselves to be revenge seeking. I would recommend that teachers wanting to speak up should wait for the new board to be seated.

  10. MDUSD Mom who is tired of thisNovember 12, 2010 at 9:42 AM

    Teacher and Anon 9:29 AM

    First off Teacher, if your Principal would be mad at you, then that is a huge problem. Anyone can attend the PAC meetings and teachers do too! I attend them as a parent, site rep and 17 year MDUSD Mom.

    Anon 9:29 there you go again, no facts, just your accusations and own paranoia.

    I see that the problem lies with No Child Left Behind and the STAR testing. I hear parents all the time discuss their school sites and always, and I mean always, they bring up the test scores, especially younger parents in Walnut Creek. It is so sad that this is what it has come too. I never judge a school based on scores, there is so much more to a site than scores. So if it is so important to the parents (and their image to others) then all students need to be assessed so all scores at all schools can climb. We are one community, one district.

    How do you know this won't help until you try it? Students should be evaluated so that the higher achieving can move up and those needing more help and support get it.

    Right now I am so thankful my last student is graduating in 2011. I wish he could have had these assessments in elementary school, he needed it. But as his parents we have done this on our own with tutors and the help of his teachers.

    The accusations need to stop, teachers you need to give this a try. Students need to get used to assessments and testing because parents want high test scores. Sadly this is the wave of this generation with younger children.

    I know I am making a broad based judgement but this is what I hear, over and over again.

  11. Mike Langley was at the PAC meeting and did not say a word. I listened to the presentation. I listened to enthusiastic teachers who saw this as a tool to make themselves better prepared as educators to teach our kids more effectively.

    We continually ask the district to improve the quality of education they offer our children. Why not give this a try?

    Someone once said to me that the only way to fix education in CA is to place the responsibility of fixing the system on union leaders. So MDEA what would you do instead? Why don't you speak up, tell us how to fix it? You have all the power. I suspect you would say this isn't your job. Your job will always be to protect the adults in this equation. So be it, but if it isn't about the kids, I'm not listening.
    I commend the district for seeking a solution. It may prove to be good, or not, but doing nothing seems like an option well past its prime.

  12. As someone who has been one of the only visitors attending School Closure meetings, I feel I have to speak up for the committee.

    I attend because I want to make sure the process is legit. What I see are a bunch of people working very hard and giving up multiple hours of their time to resolve the criteria that is set before them.

    That being said, what the board does with the information remains to be seen.

    We are potentially going to close schools and change boundaries, yet few people care enough to actually be part of the process--only to complain on the blogs.

    I encourage everyone to attend the school closure meetings. The next one is Monday night at Willow Creek at 5:30pm-8pm. There is a public comment period at the beginning of the meeting.

  13. Just the Facts Teacher-
    At the Curriculum Associates
    presentation during the PAC meeting, there were teachers, parents, administrators and the MDEA President in attendance. I went in skeptical, but thought the presentation was very good and made a lot of sense.

    If you would have heard the presentation, you might have had a better understanding of how to present the test to your students. The idea is not to get all the answers right, but to find out where teachers need to direct their efforts in bringing the class up to speed.

    Overall, your school may have a 900 rating, but that doesn't necessarily mean that every child is succeeding. This assessment does require additional work by teachers, but it was evident from the presentation that the information that they got from the results were very valuable.

    You suggest that the teachers who attended the meeting are from Delta View, but what stopped you from attending the meeting? You could have made your point and asked questions like the rest of us. There were tough questions asked by parents and from a reporter from the Times.

    I understand that teachers have their hands full these days with larger class sizes and a myriad of assessment paperwork to do, but not everything is a conspiracy by the board to make teachers jobs harder.

  14. Reading this just reinforces to me that teachers should never respond or talk on this blog. First, we get attacked because we seem to have all the "power (MDEA)" and then we are corrected by people who have never even stepped into a classroom in their life.
    This Curriculum Associates thing has teachers questioning it because teachers were never asked or consulted about it. We came back to work in August and there it was waiting for us with a "Just Do It!" note on the top.
    The district had a principal who came up with this idea using data, and asked her staff to buy into it. They did, and they had some exellent results-that year. The next year was not so great. Then the district heard about it and jumped on it full force, not considering that they have a district that is so diverse and miles apart in test scores from school to school. Instead of researching this for more that one year's results for one school, it was bought into hook, line and sinker for the other 27 elementary schools. There was no discussion at any other sites, nor teacher input from any other sites as well. I'm giving the tests to my students, but we already have comprehensive assessments created at our sites that align to the standards for every trimester. I might add that our million dollar curriculum that the district bought us has plenty of assessments that can be used to assess students and analyze where students are. What chaps my hide is that the district had to go out and spend an unbelieveable amount of money $100,000 + to do what many sites are already doing with what we already have.
    Oh and by the way, we teachers appreciate our principals too much to go and complain to the district or at a PAC meeting about the district's inept decision makeing. It isn't taken too well, and we don't want our principals to take the heat. They are in the middle and it is not their fault that mistakes our made at the Admin or Board level.
    So no more comments for me--I can only imagine what people will say about this.

  15. At the PAC meeting, an El Monte teacher spoke how the assessment was being used, so C.A. is being used at more schools last year than just Delta View.

    To the 2:16 poster, does the current curriculmn do assessment prior to teaching the material or after. When my children were in elementary school the assessments were test...testing what they should have learned vs. assessing ways to improve learning.

    The principal from El Monte discussed that each school had an option but that they wanted to use it.

    So since some teachers want to us it and some don't how do you determine it. As someone in the corporate world, I would believe that the district looked at what we were currently doing (not working) and what worked other places and are using it. It's not a democratic vote.

  16. 2:16pm Just the Facts Teacher- What makes you think I've never set foot in a classroom?. Why make assumptions about something you have no idea about?

    In your 9:18am post, you said,
    "If I went to a PAC meeting I think my principal would not be happy about that. "

    In your 2:16pm post, you said,
    "Oh and by the way, we teachers appreciate our principals too much to go and complain to the district or at a PAC meeting about the district's inept decision makeing."

    I do not understand this. If you appreciate your principals, then is it just a one way street? They won't like you going to the PAC but you appreciate them too much to complain? I can't figure this one out.

    I think your issue is that you don't know how to disagree without being disagreeable. Most thoughtful people do want to hear both sides of an issue. I would have loved to hear your view on this at the meeting while it was being discussed. There were teachers there in support of the program, so why should your opinion carry more weight than the teachers who like the program?

    Most of the tough questions at the PAC meeting came from parents whose childrens' teachers obviously weren't feeling the program, or the reporter from the Times. Mike Langley didn't say one word against the assessments. Why not? If he is your representative, then he should be speaking on your behalf. Maybe he doesn't know that some teachers feel this way. That should be your mechanism if you are afraid of saying what you think.

    How can we disregard Delta View's successes? Do you have something personal against Susan Peterson? What has she done wrong? Try to implement programs that she feels helps kids?

  17. Someone has already made this point, but let me reiterate it in all caps for our dimwitted friends; also know as board members and administrators.


    They of course will not get the message, because that might lead to the next logical conclusion that the MDUSD should be broken up. Which would result in them giving up some of their positional power.

    Being politicians this is incompatible with their egos. Hence will never be done.

  18. I don't get it - where I work (in a private sector business job), there are initiatives decided by upper management (design new products, retire old lines of product, enter new markets, etc). These are very strategic decisions that are made; we as employees get to execute them. I don't expect the VPs to ask every employee what they think about us entering a new market or new product design - that's what they get paid to do, to set the strategic direction of the company. It is my role, as an employee and a team member, to execute.

    What I don't get is that every teacher expects to be consulted about every program or every state mandate. It sounds like the program was not decided in a vaccum - it was piloted with several schools and teachers and appeared to be successful.

    I would hope that fellow teachers would be trusting of their colleagues when piloting such program and welcome the new programs when they had success at other schools. It seems like this isn't happening and I don't get it.

  19. I'm not sure if these assessments are being used at our school, but if they are not, I would like for our school to utilize them, and I would like to know early in the year, if my child is on track / needs extra help or tutoring to meet the end of year expectations.

    So the assessment would be welcome by us.

  20. Anon 4:45- I don't know if you are a teacher, but as soon as you start calling people dimwitted, you have lost me.

    I totally agree that the district is too diverse and too large. Are you saying that's the board and administrators fault? Do you really think that the County and State board of education allows districts to be broken up so easily?

    I'm afraid that we may be stuck with the cards that we have. I just don't see how calling people names advances your argument.

  21. Anonymous, when you say "There was no discussion at any other sites, nor teacher input from any other sites as well" then you are not speaking for all sites. In fact, it was two teachers who brought Curriculum Associates to the attention of our principal, and she allowed approved of the Math assessments the first year. It was so successful that now we use the Language Arts assessments. So, you see, it is NOT being shoved down everyone's throat. In our case, it was the teachers themselves who asked for this wonderful tool.

  22. Let's get the pool started:

    I bet the school board chooses to close down Oak Grove.

  23. A friend in Orange County says their district has combined all middle and high schools into grade 7-12 schools

  24. 11/14 @8:26pm- Why would you want to start a pool when you can attend the meetings and see the process?

    If there is a middle school to be closed, then it is based on the same criteria as elementary and high schools. If Oak Grove is the school with the lowest rating, and there is an opportunity to shift the students elsewhere, then that's because the numbers point that way.

    Can you even name three other middle schools in our district?

  25. Anon 8:26,

    I"ll put my money on El Monte.refracks

  26. anon 10:56,

    Everything I'm hearing says Oak Grove.

  27. 9:07pm- You should stop listening to rumors. At this point, the committee hasn't even discussed options yet. All that was done was use different criteria to come up with ratings.

    So, whoever is talking to you is just speculating.

    Typical for the haters.

  28. Oak Grove makes no sense. Where would you put those middle school students? The closest middle schools are Foothill (full), Pleasant Hill (way far away), Glenbrook, Pine Hollow. None of these are reasonable options for the students at Oak Grove. The district will not close schools that result in a need for busing. That would cost the district more money. Whoever 9:07 is, you have no idea what you are talking about and there is no basis for that conclusion. The far more likely result is the closure of elementary schools, not middle schools.

  29. I live in Turtle Creek and our kids go to Mountain View, we're supposed to go Concord High, even though we are close CVHS. What is the opinions or rumors about the re-zoning affects on Turtle Creek since Mt. View is considered on the chopping block and closest elementary schools are Ayres and Silverwood - which go to CVHS.


  30. Who says that Mt. View is on the chopping block? The committee hasn't even named ONE school likely to be closed yet.

    Obviously, school closures will cause boundary realignments which will prove as challenging and volatile to the district as the school closures will.

  31. Mark my words. Mt. View is gone. One thought would be to send those kids to Oak Grove.

  32. Instead of rumor mongering, why not wait until the committee reports to the Board? Or are you trying to get people upset and angry? Fact: between four and six elementary schools will be closed. Opinion: which locations will be chosen.

  33. The funny thing is that it appears the committee was selected to achieve the shutdowns preordained by the board.

    So much for a fair and impartial process.

  34. 8:43am- Sorry, I won't mark your words because you don't know what you are talking about.

    I do think you are trying to stoke things up. There are ratings that the committee came up with--do you even know what the criteria are? Do you even know where Mt. View ranked?

    And, what does closing Mt. View have to do with sending kids to Oak Grove Middle School?

    Why don't you go to a meeting and actually listen to what is going on instead of rumor mongering?

  35. 10:06am- Can you say why it appears that the committee was selected to achieve the closings preordained by the board? Do you mean the old board or the new board, which has yet to be installed?

    I would bet that you have nothing concrete to back up that claim, but if you can even offer one bit of fact or relevance to what has been going on at the meetings, I would be very interested to hear.

  36. Anon 10:10,

    I mean the old board. Hopefully the new board will stand up to the tyranny and go the other way.

  37. What "other" way do you mean?

  38. I meant Anon 10:36

  39. Anon 10:36
    Do you think Lawrence runs the show? Do you think he is the tyrant?

  40. I think the current board majority is the tyrant. I look forward to the new board members voting against them at every opportunity.

  41. Anon 8:26pm
    What a ridiculous and ignorant thing to say.

    You obviously rely on blogs and rumors for your information.

    What will you do if the new members vote 5-0 like they already do 90% of the time?

  42. anon 10:35,

    I know for a fact the new board members intend to be antigonistic in their votes versus the current members of the board majority.

  43. anon 10:35,

    I know for a fact the new board members intend to be antigonistic in their votes versus the current members of the board majority.

  44. How would you know for a fact, unless you were one of them?

    What a comfort for us voters that instead of helping our district get back on track, that the newly elected board members agenda is to be antagonistic towards the current board members.

    Does that mean Linda is going to antagonize herself?

    Do you think that having that as their mission makes them better than what we had before?

    That is a profoundly sad thing to contemplate--as is your glee in saying so as in your earlier post:
    "I think the current board majority is the tyrant. I look forward to the new board members voting against them at every opportunity."

  45. Anon 10:33,

    Why is that a profoundly sad thing to say? Do you think that the old board was doing a sufficiently good job?

  46. What are you using as a measuring stick? Have they done any worse a job than any other board? No. In these times of tough budget cuts, it's a wonder people still want the job.

    The old board majority, as you say, no longer exists anyway now that Paul is gone. I think that's a good thing. If Lynne Dennler, Cheryl Hansen and Linda Mayo vote as a block just to antagonize Gary and Sherry (and I don't think the three of them are a voting block), is that doing a sufficiently good job to you?

    I want the entire board to work together to get us through this mess we are in. We need to give the Superintendent a chance to work with the new board and make changes to move us forward.

    If you can't see how having a newly elected board majority be motivated by antagonism and retaliation is profoundly sad, then you must have a problem.

  47. I don't know Lynne Dennler but of the other four I believe every one of them wants to do what is best for the students.

    If they don't work together, and with the Superintendent, we will never see a comprehensive and fully functioning strategic plan.

    I have high hopes.

  48. Why would someone want to be on the board if they didn't want to make things better?

    The pay is nominal and the grief is unending.

    People who are already making proclamations about the new board either are completely ignorant or have an axe to grind.

    Happy Holidays!

  49. Anon 10:52,

    They want to be on the board to satisfy their egos. And maybe get perks from "large businesses" in the area. At least that is what the rumor say

  50. Perks? I can't imagine a perk worth putting up with people constantly criticizing you anonymously.

    It's kind of sad that you admit that you are repeating a rumor.

  51. Anon 9:31,

    I'm not a fan of rumors but have you ever heard the saying of, "where there is smoke there is fire"?

    It most likely applies to the old board. Hopefully the new one will be more balanced.

  52. Anon 8:51 am
    Wow, now you have really lost your marbles. I know several BOE members personally and they truly care about our children. They are as frustrated as you are about the current state of the budget and our State.

    Accusations, rumors and rants serve no purpose. You never have facts so you have no credibility.

    Time to stop this, we need to come together as one community. I don't agree with all the decisions our BOE members make, but I work hard to understand, discuss and see what we can improve on in the future. As long as people like you continue your tirades, then this community will struggle. So that must be what you want and it must be that you thrive on it too.

  53. 11:07pm says, "I'm not a fan of rumors, but where there's smoke there is fire."

    Come on. Where is the smoke you are referring to? Can't you see the smoke that is happening is based on rumor too?

    I agree with MDUSD Mom of 3. I don't believe there is any board that would please some people. The sad thing is that these people wouldn't dream of putting themselves out there for public scrutiny.

    Rumors are rumors and people believe them because it confirms what they want to believe or they have too much time and negative energy.

  54. Maybe you can list the perks. If you can't, then maybe you are creating the smoke and fire!

  55. A very wise man once quoted another very wise man :) "A rumor can go half way around the world by the time the truth is putting on its shoes." - Twain

    I don't know why in this world people even listen to rumor anymore, I barely believe things I see anymore...

  56. @MDUSDparents Therein lies the problem. The trust factor with MDUSD has been lost through deception, half truths, mistruths, and occassionally outright dishonesty -- clearly not the "transparency" promised by the old Board. As a result it is hard to even believe the truth. How does MDUSD regain our trust -- should it be through blind faith ?

  57. Anon 9:40 AM

    You need to give facts and links to substantiate your rumors of:

    "deception, half truths, mistruths, and occassionally outright dishonesty"

  58. @anon 12:27 I guess you haven't followed the blogs very closely. Most recently was the Dr. Lawrence's misstatement about how much money was saved in eliminating the Curriculum Dept. Then there are all the controversies, of Chevron, of Nugent, of Buttercup, of Gary's taking solar classes on the district dime and so on. The list goes on.

  59. Geez! Those horrible, horrible people who are running our district! They make mistakes and expect us to forgive them!

    I know that if anon @11:55 was in charge, everything would be ok!

  60. @anon 12:10am When you pay a Super a Quarter Million bucks plus a year, you should expect competency and honesty. But the patterns of concealment and lack of transparency begin with the elected officials and what they demand of those they employ. Its no wonder MDUSD has the highest percentage of the worst schools -- lack of leadership from the top on down. Why did Lawrence cancel the Parent Advisory Council meeting for December ? Look at the heat he took in November. He can't stand the heat, so he cancels the meeting. Reminds me of Nixon firing the Attorney General to avoid Watergagte.