Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MDUSD's Superintendent PAC meeting is tonight

So they rescheduled the Superintendent Parent Advisory Council meeting. Last week it "might have been" a World Series Game, so they changed it to tonight. Weds, November 10th, 7pm AT WILLOW CREEK. All are welcome. I encourage ALL of you to start attending these meetings. If you have a complaint, and I know MANY of you do if I look at the blogs, then why not go to a meeting where you can actually TALK TO the Superintendent and Administrators? Just do it.

I believe one of the items on the agenda is the Curriculum Associates testing that some people have been discussing around the blog-o-sphere locally. Some people feel it's too much testing, too soon. Some feel it is a great way to gauge student progress and to help shape where the teachers may need to spend some more time in their instruction. It can also perhaps help in the differentiation between students who "get it" and those who still need some time. A biggie for administrators it seems is test scores. There appears to be some data to support it does increase the STAR test scores.

Anyway, I saw someone else posted in the comments on another thread that there may be something controversial on the agenda, and I do not believe that to be the case, unless you consider the above, controversial.

The PAC members were polled regarding this change just in case you have some conspiracy theory brewing for this date change. They've said it was a "landslide" decision that wanted this changed, but I do question the attendance tonight due to the 4 day weekend . I guess we'll see.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 7:00 p.m.

Willow Creek Center
1026 Mohr Lane, Concord

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Assessment Data

III. Demographics Data


  1. Two controversial issues tonight: the CA testing and the school closure demographics. Should be a hot time in the old town tonight. I wonder if they will bring just teachers who support the CA testing or whether there will be teachers on both sides of the issue ?

  2. Two controversial topics tonight: the Curr. Assoc testing and the school closure demographics. I wonder if they will just bring teachers who support the Curr Assoc testing or will there be a cross section representing both sides ? Will this be a legit discussion or just a whitewash ? Should be a hot time in the old town tonight !

  3. The PAC meetings are a good place to get access to the Superintendent and administrators, but it really isn't the place for individual complaints.

    I do think that more people should attend these meetings, but be aware that it's not the place to talk about little Johnny's teacher who gave him a "C" on a test.

  4. Have you been reading the blogs lately? We're not talking about Johnny's C on a test. We're talking about the "uproar" over MANY things having to do with the district, and I see nothing wrong with addressing it at the PAC if it effects YOUR school, or OUR community. Not for your little Johnny.

    There is NO other forum you get Superintendent and/or Administrators. So if people have a big a beef as they seem to have with Administration, then go address it and stop being anonymous on the blogs where you can "pretend" to be a strong , assertive adult. It'd be nice if someone actually did something about whatever it is they're complaining about...

    But they won't. They never do. Easier to gossip and get pulled into the herd mentality with outrage.

  5. MDUSDParents
    I agree with your position that speaking up is important and don't complain unless you are willing to be part of the solution.

    With that said I would also point out that this blog and others have been the catalyst for change in recent years. I do not think it was an accident that we began receiving twice monthly communications from the Superintendent after complaints came in for more communication from many directions, including this blog.

    I believe the blog dialogue was the catalyst for raising the priority level of the strategic plan. And regardless of how one feels about McHenry you can not deny that the blogs played a powerful role in bringing about that change.

    Information is good and attending a PAC meeting is a good place to get information. But will we ever really change anything at a PAC meeting? How about the homework policy? Two years to get that done or three? It is a useless unenforcable policy that the union leadership ignores.

    I plan on attending tonight in order to be informed. I have seen little to no evidence of truly making a difference at the district level by being on a committee or by attending a meeting. Making a difference at your local school site by doing those things....yes.

    You provide a service to the parents of this community by providing a forum for them to become aware of issues (yes you have to be discerning in your choice of what to believe). Complaining on this site is a good thing. Companies pay to understand the dialogue of their customers. MDUSD is getting it for free and it appears at times that they are listening.

    Just a thought that it really may not be a bad thing.

  6. I agree with Linda that being on a committee or attending meetings are no guarantee that things will get done.

    The district forms these committees based on what is brought up at PAC meetings. I believe the homework and having tests returned policies were both instigated by parents of the same feeder pattern. To some at the PAC meeting it felt like a big waste of time, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    These things were not a priority for the district, so the process was dragged on for years. To make matters worse, there was very little, if any, teacher buy-in on the final proposals, so it is no surprise that the teachers have little knowledge or incentive to implement them.

    When the committees were being formed, Dr. Young and Mr. McHenry made it a point to say that they don't like to dictate from the top down, but in the end the committee work seemed very useless, and , the decisions were very one sided.

    The MDUSD Parents blog has been a wonderful resource for all things MDUSD. It was very valuable in providing election information and is a good place to air out ideas and concerns.

    That being said, there is a lot of rumor mongering that does tend to get picked up and fanned on blogs. Those who complain without knowing what they are talking about or without plans to do anything BUT complain drive me crazy.

    Going to meetings at least gets you the information from the horse's mouths. You can ask questions and state your concerns directly to the Superintendent and staff. At least then, when you speak or post on a blog, it is coming from a place of knowledge.

  7. MDUSD Parents- I agree with your post at 12:43pm. My point was that there are people who do come to talk about Johnny's "C", so I was saying that it's not the forum for that.

  8. Has anyone heard if the meeting is being rescheduled because of the Tesoro fire? I am in SF right now and was planning to attend. It sounds pretty nasty out there- stay safe!

  9. Brian- The meeting is not at the Dent Center. It's at Willow Creek, so I don't think they are affected by the shelter in place.

  10. Since the meeting is at Willow Creek, it is on