Tuesday, November 30, 2010

6.5 million in fed jobs bill $$ to MDUSD salaries

According to the Times today, Contra Costa school districts struggle to stay afloat, Teresa Harrington tells us that the MDUSD will likely use the 6.5 million dollars from the Federal Jobs Act to pay a portion of employee salaries and benefits.  This money would normally be paid from the general fund per Brian Richards, our district's CFO.

The article provides some more detail about this expenditure, as well as the requirements (per the County's conditional approval of the MDUSD 2010-11 budget) that districts, including MDUSD, create a "fiscal recovery plan" and revised three year projections by December 15th.

I don't know what would be happening right now if this 6.5 million was not available?  Does anyone know?

Within the article:

Five Contra Costa County school districts are struggling to stay fiscally solvent in the next three years as they grapple with state budget cuts, declining enrollment and failed tax measures.

"We're advising districts that they need to conserve their cash," said Peggy Marshburn, spokeswoman for the Contra Costa County Office of Education. "The budget picture at the state level is much more bleak" than anticipated.

Going from bad to worse...  how much further can we go?


  1. I just read Theresa Harrington's detailed write up of 10 school closure options. Sort of stunned that Sequoia Elem, Monte Gardens and Sequoia Middle are on the list. All of these are "choice" schools with very high STAR scores and very good academic reputations. Very sad that some of the district's best schools might be closing.

  2. I think that the committee is just implementing the Board's evil plan all along.

    Really if they take this option of the "choice" schools, then they can go eff themselves. Otherwise my child gets to try and speak spanish with the illegals at our neighborhood school.

  3. It sounds like the committee is to make their best recommendation based upon the criteria that was given to them. The board can act on the recommendation or make their own selection (there appears to be an alternate plan to consider from the Superintendents Council).

    I think it's ok that the council's alternate plan is on the table to consider. I don't think that the option of combining middle schools with high schools was given to the committee as a possibility so it may be worthwhile to have the board consider this additional option too.

  4. Please don't feed the troll