Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Special Board Meeting, Tuesday March 10th

See the right hand side bar for the link to watch the board meeting live. Click HERE to read the full agenda for the night. You'll see they'll be talking about the budget as well as the pink slips that will be mailed out this week. On the agenda they do have a list of the positions on the "cut" list so I guess we'll see how it turns out at the meeting.

On another note, here's a note to the teachers from MDEA President, Mike Noce:

In support of our teachers in Mt. Diablo and across the state we are asking that you wear your pink arm bands to school all week and to attend the large rally Wednesday, March 11 at Civic Park in Walnut Creek. The event starts at 4:00 and there will be teachers attending from across the East Bay. This event is in our “home field” and Mt. Diablo should have 1000 members there.

The fate of our schools depends on our community hearing about the effects of our recently adopted budget and its devastating cuts to schools. They need to be informed so they will make the right decisions when voting in the Special Election. The voters hold our fate in their hands. If we can’t reach them, we’re in big trouble. Attending needs to be a priority for everyone Wear Pink, and I see you there. Don’t come alone bring colleagues and family.


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