Tuesday, March 10, 2009

300+ pink slips, class size reduction - all on the list

If you've read tonight's agenda you'll see that all tolled , there are probably over 300 pink slips slotted to go out this week within the Mt. Diablo School District. If you look at the position lists of possible cuts, you'll notice everything from science and math teachers to librarians and intervention personnel. Also, on the list is the teaching staff needed to keep class size reduction in place for grades K-3. This presumably means they're leaving their options open if this budget situation gets worse, that may be next to go. Its hard to imagine how much worse it can get, and if it does get worse, what is left to cut ?

On the http://www.protectourlocalschools.org/ site it says something I think everyone needs to know:

It may get worse. The failure of any one of five ballot items (placed on the ballot by the state government to balance the budget) on the May 19th statewide election will further reduce the MDUSD budget. In addition, any subsequent change in the budget resulting from the Governor's May Budget Revision could further reduce the MDUSD budget.

Now is the time to get involved with Measure D. What is important to you? Do you know how it may be prioritized when the parcel tax passes? If anything on that cut list is/was important to you, you can not afford to think others will fight the fight. We all need to do it. It is going to take all of us now.

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