Tuesday, March 10, 2009

600+ MDUSD pink slips going out

At the board meeting tonight, it was discussed that over 600 pink slips will be going out this week. The reason for so many is that there is still much uncertainty about the budget and they must notice any and all employees that may possibly be on the cut list down the line. Hopefully, there will not be a need to cut even half of those positions, but we have to work hard to keep any more cuts away from our district.

Stand Up for Schools! Please support your teachers tomorrow, Weds March 11th by attending the rally in Civic Park from 4 to 6 pm. Bring your friends. We need crowds and a huge showing to send a strong message to Sacramento that enough is enough.

Also, show support for our teachers and district employees and wear pink on Friday, March 13th. See the CTA site: http://www.pinkfriday09.org/.



  1. to all of the teachers that are going to lose your jobs, we appreciate EVERYTHING you have done for our children.

  2. My girlfriend has been a teacher for MDUSD for 15 years and she gets "pink-slipped" every year yet is still teaching there. Pink slips are sent out "just in case..."

  3. I have been in the district 18 years, and the last 16 have not been pink slipped. Not sure why your girlfriend continues to get one. I bet she doesn't.

  4. Anon 11:32,

    Does your girlfriend have teach in a course or program that is unique or categorically funded?

  5. Whoops...drop the "have" in the above comment.