Friday, August 6, 2010

Paul Strange will not seek another term on the MDUSD board

Paul Strange has announced on the blog today that he does not intend to seek another term as an MDUSD board member . Today would have been his filing deadline. To many, this is not a surprise.

Earlier this week we heard we do have three people who have pulled papers. Since at least one incumbent is not running (now we have 2), the filing deadline has been extended.

If only 3 people file to run it appears MDUSD may not even have to run an election as there are only 3 seats open.

Linda Mayo, Dick Allen and Paul Strange all had expiring terms this November. Linda Mayo is the only one who will be running again.

I have learned a lot from Paul. His passion and the tenacity in which he did his work on the board is unmatched. We may not have always agreed but I always appreciated his willingness to explain and discuss. The board needed him during these past few years and many good things did come from his tenure. I do believe that.... Gary and Paul together made a difference for our schools.

So, if you have comments or questions for Paul, visit him at