Thursday, August 5, 2010

MDUSD Principal goes to San Ramon

So I heard today that Nadine Rosenzweig, former principal of Valley View Middle School, has accepted a position in the San Ramon Valley School District as Principal of Live Oak Elementary School in San Ramon.

First, I've lost track if she was on the initial list of Principals coming and going, but mostly I just wanted to comment on the SRVUSD website. They've had numerous announcements over the summer, the announcements (current and past) are an easy click away, their site is crisp and easy to navigate and they are communicating (4 just this week).

I know that individual school sites are getting notified of their new administrators, etc., but why can't the district just burst out some news releases like SRVUSD? There is even a message from their Superintendent on the first page.

Check it out:


  1. Because our board is made of of a bunch of Bananana Republic wannabe dictators who have forgotten they work for us, not the other way around.

  2. No, it is because that position in the district was cut! Maybe Anon 8:29 will ask if they can volunteer their time to make sure the MDUSD website is updated daily?

  3. I think Sue Berg had a lot to do with the regular Superintendent communications before her position was cut.

  4. 9:04. I've already volunteered my time, they say it can't be done.

  5. SRVUSD does have a public information officer

  6. Does San Ramon also have a parcel tax that would support the additional administration, such as the Public Information Officer position?

  7. San Ramon's Parcel Tax passed in 2009.
    - second attempt at a parcel tax
    - $144 per year for 7 years
    - senior exemption

    Additionally, in May, the SRVUSD teachers union and the district worked together and negotiated 4 furlough days for 2009-2010 SY, which allowed the district to rescind 115+ teacher pink slips.

    Meanwhile, MDUSD issued approx 200 final pink slips in May 2010 and MDEA is surveying the MDEA membership regarding furlough days (MDEA estimated 4 months to conduct the survey). It is interesting to compare to the 2 districts, isn't it?

  8. anon 3:40pm- Do you know what the pay scale is for teachers in the SRVUSD? Do they get medical?

    If we are going to compare, then I guess we should compare everything.

  9. Anon 3:46

    I have no personal knowledge of the salary or benefits offered by SRVUSD, but here is a link from the SRVUSD website (regarding benefits)

    I am impressed that the SR district/union negotiated furlough days (as did many other local school districts). I am unimpressed that it is taking MDEA 4 months just to conduct a survey. Something doesn't seem quite right?