Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Principals Appointed at MDUSD Board Meeting

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On Monday, Theresa Harrington (CC Times education reporter) wrote about the administrator appointments and principal vacancies : A few resigned, leaving holes the district had to fill. The board expects to vote on the appointment of 25 administrators Tuesday, including the promotion of five principals to district office administrators, the appointment of eight principals and a continuation high school administrator, and the appointment of four vice principals.

Theresa Harrington (CC Times education reporter) is tweeting from the "standing room only" meeting tonight and has updated us on the following appointments tonight:

Board approved:
Cynthia Goin as principal of Wren Ave Elem (former Strandwood Principal)
Rhys Miller as principal of Valle Verde Elem (from district office)
Sandy Bruketta Hidden Valley (from district office)

Diane Sargent as Meadow Homes site based program specialist
Linda Hayes as Vice Principal of Northgate HS
Spoogmai Habibi as Principal of Ayers Elem (from district office)

Previously announced:
Nancy Baum as Principal at Delta View Elem
Nancy Klinkner as Principal at Bel Air Elem

There are even more appointments that may be (or may have been made) tonight per the agenda item 16.2 tonight . If you know, post them here in the comments! If you want to see all the administrative vacancies slotted to be discussed tonight, see this LIST.

Other vacancies (not on the list for tonight) include at Shore Acres, Highlands, Mt. Diablo Elementary, Sequoia Middle School and Monte Gardens Elem.

Theresa has also include a scorecard of sorts on her blog to keep track of all the Principal comings and goings:



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  1. With retirements, it is no wonder that so many people are being moved.

    San Ramon had 3 retirements this year. The moved two principals from other schools so now those two principal positions are open.

    Same concept at MDUSD, just that MDUSD had a large retirement pool and the case of Lowest Performing schools that needed to be dealt with.