Friday, June 25, 2010

How to get on MDUSD School Messenger email list

Below is a communication that was forwarded to me on how to get on the school messenger list for the district. Many of you said you never received the Superintendent Message yesterday, or ever. If you read between the lines here, it seems they have heard that there are some issues with many not being on "the list." The district employee says below they are trying to resolve some issues before the next communication. The school sites will be adding emails in August when you turn in your contact info/emergency cards, but in the meantime, here's how you go about getting on the list now:

The parent notification system the district uses (SchoolMessenger), gets information from our student information system (Aeries). SchoolMessenger gets the parent e-mail address from the Parent/Guardian E-mail field in Aeries. Some schools do not input anything in the Parent/Guardian E-mail field in Aeries, instead, they input the parent/guardian e-mail information with the contact information for each individual parent. Since SchoolMessenger does not look at the contact information e-mail field, those e-mails are not being uploaded into SchoolMessenger. That is probably why not all parents have e-mail addresses in SchoolMessenger even though they have given the school their information.

We are contacting SchoolMessenger to see if it is possible for their system to also look at the contact e-mail fields in Aeries so that the parent/guardian e-mail information in those fields can also be uploaded. This will hopefully be done before another e-mail is sent out by the district.

In the meantime, if parents would like their e-mail in SchoolMessenger, they can send an e-mail to providing the information below. To verify we are adding e-mail information for the correct student, we need:

Student ID Number (if known)
Student Name
Student School
Student Grade
Student Birthdate
Name of Parent/Guardian to be added
E-mail of Parent/Guardian to be added


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