Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Summer School to get the axe tonight at MDUSD board meeting

You can tune in at http://www.mdusd.net/.

Summer school will be getting cut tonight (with some exceptions). You can read an article in today's Times about this summer school topic:

MDUSD to eliminate most elementary and middle school summer school



  1. When I moved here from Illinois in 1974, I was told California was the top of the nation as far as schooling was concerned. I was a brand new freshman entering the "elite" Miramonte High School and I was scared. I needn't be. 3 weeks into the school year, my Algebra teacher told me I should move to AP. In History (Social Studies) nobody knew anything East of Lake Tahoe. Great Lakes? What are they? True, schooling, testing and "no child left behind" has changed a lot of things since then. But when I moved here we didn't have Prop 13, the schools had a lot of money, and I still had more knowledge than my classmates. Here we are, 29 years later, one of the lowest states spending per pupil, and we are cutting summer school?? To kids who need remedial help? Who are ESL? I guess our governor doesn't notice too much as his English is so difficult to understand as well. But, to get all of our children ready for college and the real world, we really must keep summer school open.

  2. As a parent, I detested summer school. While my child truly needed the assistance, most parents seem to regard summer school as free daycare. I've even heard parents say, "Great. Now I have to put up with my kid all day every day." WTF? I gave up on summer school and paid a tutor to help - one of the best investments I've ever made. If summer school was truly intervention instead of a free babysitting scheme, it might be worth it. The saddest thing is that the children who really need the help won't get it.