Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Measure D Newsletter - campaign kick off party and more!

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Hi Measure D Supporters,
Just 48 days left until the May 19th election. Please read through this entire newsletter for important information about the campaign.

Campaign Kickoff Party
Save the Date!!!

Next Saturday April 11th at 10:00am come join us at our campaign HQ 2280 Diamond Blvd #350 Concord to kickoff our voter outreach efforts. We’ll provide donuts and coffee, and begin training volunteers so we can start that day with our voter outreach efforts (i.e. precinct walking and phoning). Media coverage along with public officials will be there, so come show your support for Measure D.

Site Captains
This Wednesday is our second site captain meeting and first training session for all site captains. We will go over phone banking and precinct walking, as well as update everyone on the latest outreach efforts. Please attend.We now have 74 site captains, however some schools are still without one. Here is the list of schools still needing site captains. ( ) notes number of volunteers signed up.

• Fair Oaks (4) Sun Terrace (0)

• Highlands (13) Valley Verde (3)

• Holbrook (0) Wren Avenue (0)

• Meadow Homes (2) Diablo View (11)

• Shadelands Center (0) Adult Education (0)

We need to fill these campuses ASAP.

If you or anyone you know may be interested, please contact me at


Please get in touch with your site captain if they have contacted you. We are beginning mobilizing efforts this week any need every able volunteer to begin lawn sign distribution, phone banking, and walking neighborhoods.
Lawn Signs
They have arrived. We would like to have at least 5 volunteers come in and help with organizing all 2,500 for distribution. If you have a busy street or perfect place to put one, let us know.

The campaign can continue only through your support both in the field and in funding. With additional contributions we can get more lawn signs and communicate with more voters. Any amount helps. You can contribute online by visiting Or, mail a check payable to CUES at 2280 Diamond Blvd., Suite 350, Concord, CA 94520.

Once again thank you to all of you who have been working hard for Measure D. Your efforts are the driving force behind this campaign. Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.

Rudy Ramirez

Campaign Manager

Yes On Measure D
- ProtectOurLocalSchools -

Paid for by Community United for Excellent Schools, a coalition of teachers, parents, elected and community leaders who support reliable local funding for Mt. Diablo Unified School District FPPC #1301210


  1. if you want people to actually pass this measure, i think it is high time they say what will actually be paid for. what about teachers,campus supervisors, custodians etc. that rec'd pink slips? how do you expect music, sports etc. to be taught without them? until there is a concrete plan for the spending of this money my vote is NO!!!!

  2. I agree. Why all the different opinions on what this measure will pay for? There is already to much doubt in government and a little honesty goes a long way. Maybe all governing boards should try this.

  3. I agree with no on D at this time. The problems are worsening and the staff are getting meaner especially with special ed. You need to give the teachers the control

  4. Anon, Anon, & Anon,
    What are the three of you talking about? Read the priority one add-back list created by the school board.

    These are the items that will be added back first:
    Elementary vice Principals
    Middle school vice principals
    High school vice principals
    Middle and high school librarians
    High school athletics
    Three PM custodians
    Three instructional media assistants
    4th grade instrumental music
    Three grounds keepers
    Three special education resource specialists
    Three special education classroom assistants
    Two psychologists
    Four computer site technicians
    Five campus supervisors.

    These items require $4,000,000 of the $7,000,000 that will be raised by Measure D. The remaining $3,000,000 will hopefully offset any additional cuts from the State when the budget is revised in May. We know there is a current State budget deficit still outstanding that could mean $3,000,000 more in cuts to MDUSD. The school board is vague because the State of California is vague. They can plan based on what they know to date but they can't promise. As for the three of you who don't support Measure D, rest assured without this parcel tax NOTHING that has been cut will be restored next year and you can most likely count on more cuts in May and June.

    Anon 11:51
    Music and High School sports have no more of a guarantee to be reinstated than teachers, campus supervisors, or custodians. They are all part of the $4,000,000 in priority one items. A NO vote on Measure D will absolutely mean all of those positions and programs are gone next year. Your logic is completely flawed and impossible to understand.

    Anon 3:49
    Give teachers control of what? This is about funding programs and reinstating faculty and staff.

    If you are going to vote no on Measure D than state a real reason... like you don't believe the kids in this community are worth $99 per year.