Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Stirred up, but unchanged . . . "

Jackie Burrell's blog post at the Contra Costa Times about the MDUSD today is sure to evoke some strong responses from those involved in this very contentious issue.

From aPARENTlySpeaking:
"Despite massive financial issues and administrative snafus, a no-confidence vote by the teachers union, a call for the superintendent to resign by two trustees, a parent petition for ditto, and a secession attempt by some of the district’s highest ranking schools, nothing has changed."

One has to wonder what the Superintendent is thinking. I was emailed a little while ago by a "MDUSD Mom" who asked the following:

"Is this really the legacy Mr. McHenry wants to leave for himself here at the Mt. Diablo School district? Does he really want to be known for this? He's overstayed his welcome, resistance to his leadership and to his tenure has grown exponentially and its time for him to do the right thing. I was at the last board meeting, and his smug indifference to those asking for his resignation was very disappointing. He will not be resigning is all he really said. When only your hand picked administration and 3 wayward board members are the only ones wanting you to stay, you have to wonder. Leave already. What is April Treece, Linda Mayo and Dick Allen thinking? They were elected to serve US, not HIM. They were elected to hold HIM accountable. Where is that ? They were elected to care about what WE think and instead they are defensive and in full on defense of McHenry. That is not their job. They are failing miserably. They should be recalled. Thanks to the blogs, many of us parents know a hell of a lot more than we did before and I don't suspect this will die out. The movement for change is growing, and is like a train running downhill, its only gaining strength and I applaud those at the front lines. Keep it going, keep the pressure on, and Mr. McHenry... do the right thing for this district and step down peacefully and without a big buyout. If its truly about the kids, you'd show them responsibility and honor right now. You can't make it right. Stop pretending as though you are trying. "

So, it is with that , that we say that anyone looking to better this district, end the mistakes, balance the budget, stop the financial bleeding, change the culture, rally morale and keep our top notch teachers - you must support Sherry Whitmarsh and Gary Eberhart for School Board in November. April Treece must be replaced. You can read about Sherry HERE.

And as Jackie Burrell so aptly put it related to Sherry, she ". . . is no vanity candidate. "

Friday, June 6, 2008

REMINDER: Meeting with invited guests


June 7th, 2008
2pm - 4pm
Skipolini's Pizza
Downtown Clayton

Come meet with invited guests, MDUSD Board members, Paul Strange and Gary Eberhart. Gary and Paul will be on hand to answer MDUSD questions and to provide an open forum discussion on what is happening within our district. So bring your questions and concerns - and tell a friend too. All concerned community members, teachers and parents welcome.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

"There is a growing mutiny on your hands Sir . . . "

". . . board members, teachers, parents. So no matter how you arrange the proverbial deck chairs, the ship is sinking with you at the helm."

That is just a snippet of one speaker from the board meeting on Tuesday night. Paul Strange has uploaded the audio of the board meeting at the MDUSD site HERE. If you want to hear the public comments only, including the entire speech of the gentleman quoted above, he's also offered a link to the public comments only.

For anyone not real sure what is going on, or not convinced a resignation from McHenry is what we need, please listen at least to the public comments. Its only about 10-15 minutes of your day and will be worth every one of those minutes.

Some other craziness that was mentioned on Mr. Writer's blog happens around:

18 minutes for April Treece's "voracious reader of studies" comment as she passes around a book she wanted the board to read plus her corporate speak regarding terminology around strategic planning processes. My question is that if there is a strategic planning book on Mr. McHenry's bookshelf, why hasn't he read it?

20 minutes for Gary Eberhart's request and April's response related to Gary's district website contact information.

Around 1 hour 16 minutes. You'll hear the Superintendent's report, and his assertion that "I won't be resigning, just for the people who have asked me to." He notes clearly the board will have to make that decision.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"I won't be resigning . . . "

Despite several speakers relating stories of a district in severe distress, impassioned pleas for repair and the presentation of a parent led petition with hundreds of signatures on it - Mr. McHenry summed up his position on all that in his Superintendent Report with a firm "I am not resigning . . . "

No, I don't think anyone thought he'd submit his resignation right there at the board meeting, but what many did expect was some acknowledgement that there is a severe problem for which he bears responsibility, or some semblance of respect for the concerns. When parents stand before you, teachers stand before you and the community stands before you with a strong message of dissatisfaction, you need to listen.

What will it take? Well for one, it seems the petition effort needs to be ongoing, as a way to educate fellow parents and to garner support for serious housekeeping at the Dent Center. Secondly, I think some of the loudest applause came when a speaker suggested that April Treece pack her bags in November.

We can't keep doing what we've been doing. Check Mr. Writer's blog for an exceptional write up on the meeting last night: HERE
And, thanks to CBS Eye on Blogs for the MENTION! We're famous today.

Thank you Doris for presenting the petition on behalf of all parents concerned with the district. You did a great job and we appreciate all of your efforts. Parents, who will be attending the next board meeting? We need to keep the issues out there, we need to continue to educate other parents.

An election is coming in November, change is in our hands.

Have you signed the petition yet? http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/MDUSD/
Its not too late.

Board Meeting tonight - 7:30pm

Hope you will all be there tonight to support the parents and their presentation of the petition signatures to the board, and to the Superintendent. This is a chance for the parents and community to send a CLEAR message that things are not going in the right direction and in fact, this issue is just not going to go away. Mr. McHenry needs to step aside to give this district a chance at healing. Hundreds of signatures will be presented, will you be there to show your support?

If you've not signed it yet, what are you waiting for? http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/MDUSD/

Tell a friend...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Clayton Community Meeting (MDUSD) - Saturday JUNE 7th

All are welcome to attend an informal meeting for the entire community interested in what is happening at MDUSD. School Board Members Gary Eberhart and Paul Strange have been invited to speak and participate in this Q&A session open to parents, teachers and all concerned community members. (All are welcome, not just those in Clayton.) Below is the text of a flyer being circulated to parents (if you'd like a copy of this emailed to you so you can pass out to parents please email: mdusdparents@gmail.com and, tell a friend!) :

Community Meeting
Mt Diablo Unified School District
School Board Members
Gary Eberhart & Paul Strange

· Concerned about your child’s education?
· Questions about highly qualified teachers?
· Concerned about the current leadership?

June 7, 2008
Skipolini’s Pizza
(Thanks to Skipolini's for allowing us the use of their patio during their closed hours. We appreciate it!)