Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Stirred up, but unchanged . . . "

Jackie Burrell's blog post at the Contra Costa Times about the MDUSD today is sure to evoke some strong responses from those involved in this very contentious issue.

From aPARENTlySpeaking:
"Despite massive financial issues and administrative snafus, a no-confidence vote by the teachers union, a call for the superintendent to resign by two trustees, a parent petition for ditto, and a secession attempt by some of the district’s highest ranking schools, nothing has changed."

One has to wonder what the Superintendent is thinking. I was emailed a little while ago by a "MDUSD Mom" who asked the following:

"Is this really the legacy Mr. McHenry wants to leave for himself here at the Mt. Diablo School district? Does he really want to be known for this? He's overstayed his welcome, resistance to his leadership and to his tenure has grown exponentially and its time for him to do the right thing. I was at the last board meeting, and his smug indifference to those asking for his resignation was very disappointing. He will not be resigning is all he really said. When only your hand picked administration and 3 wayward board members are the only ones wanting you to stay, you have to wonder. Leave already. What is April Treece, Linda Mayo and Dick Allen thinking? They were elected to serve US, not HIM. They were elected to hold HIM accountable. Where is that ? They were elected to care about what WE think and instead they are defensive and in full on defense of McHenry. That is not their job. They are failing miserably. They should be recalled. Thanks to the blogs, many of us parents know a hell of a lot more than we did before and I don't suspect this will die out. The movement for change is growing, and is like a train running downhill, its only gaining strength and I applaud those at the front lines. Keep it going, keep the pressure on, and Mr. McHenry... do the right thing for this district and step down peacefully and without a big buyout. If its truly about the kids, you'd show them responsibility and honor right now. You can't make it right. Stop pretending as though you are trying. "

So, it is with that , that we say that anyone looking to better this district, end the mistakes, balance the budget, stop the financial bleeding, change the culture, rally morale and keep our top notch teachers - you must support Sherry Whitmarsh and Gary Eberhart for School Board in November. April Treece must be replaced. You can read about Sherry HERE.

And as Jackie Burrell so aptly put it related to Sherry, she ". . . is no vanity candidate. "


  1. Yes! We must keep the momentum going! Good bye April...so long Gary...hello to a better MDUSD!

  2. mad mom,

    I am sure you mean "so long Gary" MCHENRY! Just so everyone is clear, we want Gary EBERHART to be reelected!